Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Walking past these empty streets, feeling the misty coldness of the late afternoon air, I lingered on these reveries of you and I. How I longed to be wrapped around your sweet embrace, to be filled with your loving caress, to be told of those melodious words I've been yearning for so long.

I continued to walk through the darker alley now... walking past random people whose faces are vague and insignificant. They stared at me... curiosity in their eyes. I do not seem to mind, for I continued to walk with faster pace. I looked ahead... to a bigger crowd... not minding the disbelieving eyes around me.

God knows how I tried, he knows how I strive. But no matter how hard I struggled to push your memories away, it continues to live, it continues to slowly kill me.

With strong determination, I bravely walk to the dark alley, not knowing the danger that awaits me... not minding the admonitions that I hearken. Ahead is unknown... it is an enigma that will only be unveiled through time and reason. Ahead lie the answers, the truth, the key to the mystery.

And I continued to walk... with persistence... seeking for the unknown.

-to be continued...-

Credits to Jheck for the picture above...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Celebrating achievements and friendship, the Pylon way...

Purple shirts, multi-colored prints, cold rooms, comfy beds, great food, breathtaking view, awesome beach, inexhaustible picture-taking, a ceremonial toast, exuberant Cultural Night, sad farewells, happy hellos, untiring movie marathons, boys vs. girls game of Charades, rapturous swimming, a big, and very happy family.

The 4th Yearbook Camp was indeed a blast! As the organizer of the event, I am very pleased with all the outcome. The smiles on the faces of the participants, the contented faces of the advisers, and the taps on the shoulders and congratulations from everybody have wiped away the weariness that I felt that time. Although, it was just short, still, everybody enjoyed a lot.

The evaluation of the Pylon 2009 brought joy and inexplicable happiness to everyone. The feedback from the different campuses were heartwarming and flattering. Aside from a few minor errors, which I think can never be avoided, the Pylon 2009 brought a positive feedback and many compliments from the graduates, the faculty and staff, the administrators, and the university president. Everybody is so glad and overjoyed with the comments of the advisers.

"This is the best yearbook I ever saw, the best yearbook we've ever produced. Congratulations." Those were the words of the university president, as narrated by Ma'am Lucille, our external campus adviser. "The comments and responses that we've heard really made our hearts grow big," said Ma'am Lucille.

The Planning for the Pylon 2010 then followed. We've come up with a good theme for the next book and everybody are excited to start getting their hands to work. The new staff line up was made known to everybody and the new heads were introduced.

The highlight of the event was the Cultural Night, showcasing the hidden talents of every Pylonite (*wink). Every department presented their unique and crazy talent presentations. We also paid tribute to the graduating Pylonites. We made AVP's and other stuffs for them. The farewell part was the saddest and tears were shed as we bid goodbye and wished them good luck. A ceremonial toast was also done in celebration of the success of the Pylon 2009 and for good luck for the Pylon 2010. It also signifies unity and productivity of the Pylon.

Another event will follow the Yearbook Camp- the 1st Pylon Summer Seminar Workshop, which will be done starting March 30. A series of seminars and lectures are organized in preparation for the next edition of the Pylon.

I am sharing here some pics from the camp:

Monday, March 9, 2009

"Ti, happy ka na?"

Oh. Nadeliver namon ha… Ti, happy ka na?” Says Sir Rommel, the sales manager of Makinaugalingon Press, with a teasing smile. They were about to go back to Iloilo then after promptly delivering the yearbooks. “Hu-oh… happy eh…”, I replied with a big grin.

At long last, I already saw the fruit of all our labors. After all the sleepless nights, the crying times, the “pangasaba and yawyaw” galore, the cutting classes, the "emo" posts, etc…etc…, we were still able to produce the Pylon 2009 Yearbook and the Pylon Interactive on time.

My happiness that time was indescribable. The sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that I felt was beyond description. (Char! OA pod... hehe)

Whenever I think of how I cried during the last Yearbook Camp, when I learned that the biggest responsibility in Pylon was handed on to me, I just smile. All the hesitations and doubts that I felt before just vanished. Now, I'm ready to take on the next challenge. (mag start na sa Pylon 2010? haha...) The compliments and congratulations from the other staff members, advisers, some students who were able to see the book, and even the ex-adviser and the ex-EIC, made me even more confident. It's as if, all the exhaustion and fatigue that I felt were lifted off. "Naibot na jud and tunok sa dughan, Jan?", teased Sir Jo, our former adviser. "Finally, Sir. Baling dakoa dagway sa tunok na naibot," I replied.

At least, now I already know the process and all the ins and outs in yearbook making. I learned so many things along the way. Good thing all went out just fine, because one wrong move in Pylon already means failure in accomplishing the main goal.

A big "thank you" also to the Makinaugalingon people, to Sir Joseph, Sir Vincent, Sir Rommel, Mr. and Mrs. Mejica, and everybody who helped out, for not failing us. During our last visit there last February 28, we've seen how they worked hard just to meet the deadline. And of course, the yearbook 2009 won't be possible without the cooperation and teamwork of the Pylonites. I am just so thankful that I have the full support and help from all of them. (My complete speech at the EIC's page in the yearbook. hehe..)

We made it, guys! Next yearbook na pod...!

"Happy na gid..." hehe