Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Fling

When school ends, and the heat is intense,
That’s when she knows nothing, again, is ever gonna make sense.
Like the humid breeze that kisses the skin,
Summer allows her to be free and become a child again.

However, like the random rain that appears amidst the heat,
Her old self knocks at the door of her consciousness at her every feat.
“Am I still doing the right thing?” “Oh, what have I done?”
Comes the nagging voice of her guilt that she tries to shun.

It once felt right and remorse was not in the scene,
Because she feels happy and free, she considers herself clean.
But when the time comes that things get extreme,
She needs to put a stop at things, and consider those as daydream.

Now that things continue to head to a wrong turn,
She feels it’s best that they be put to a halt and left forlorn
For what the naughty summer has started, she has to end
After all, seasons change and so do the emotions that time lent.