Monday, March 24, 2008

The Simple Truth

Hi everyone! Wow, it's so good to be back... I really haven't had a fruitful holy week. I spent it sleeping and reading in my room, instead of attending the masses and other "rituals" that we Catholics are supposed to attend. Actually, it was my choice. I could have attended if I wanted to, but I guess, the evil spirits who lurked inside my body really ruled over... Well, my fault- I allowed them to... (sigh)

Anyway, I was able to read another one of David Baldacci's book. It's entitled "The Simple Truth". I really love the story because it's about a prisoner who is not guilty of the crime that he is convicted of. It illustrates the soft side of criminals. I came to realize that not all who are inside the prison cells-- suffering and bearing the torments of punishments -- are guilty. There are also those who are convicted of some crimes that they are innocent of.

Anyway, I was able to find the synopsis of the story at Shelfari.
Here it is:

Rufus Harms is rotting in a Virginia military prison. As readers learn in the terse opening of The Simple Truth, he was convicted 25 years ago of the brutal killing of a young girl. Readers also learn that Rufus did not commit the crime; out of a haze of memories and with fragments of evidence, he has reconstructed the truth about the horrid event that ruined his life. He knows his discovery could cost him his life, so he breaks from prison after sending an appeal to the Supreme Court that details a massive conspiracy tied into the foundations of Washington.

The complex drama of Rufus Harms is only one of the interwoven threads in this massive, violent legal thriller that also draws from the vocabulary of hard-boiled crime fiction. Baldacci offers glimpses into the arcane politics of the high court, where Justice Elizabeth Knight wages war with the manipulative Chief Justice Harold Ramsay. And while Harms struggles to keep out of harm's way and the justices duke it out, Supreme Court law clerk Sara Evans toils with ex-cop John Fiske to discover the import of Harms's appeal (and, simultaneously, to uncover the murderer of Mike Fiske, John's law clerk-brother and the original holder of the appeal). Their interest in the document apparently draws the attention of the same deadly conspirators who manipulated Harms over two decades earlier. While the armed mayhem sometimes rises to the point of excess, Baldacci's novel continues to offer new surprises until the final pages. --Patrick O'Kelley

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I've witnessed it all. How she hurdled all those obstacles, how she coped up with the problems, how she bore the tormenting pain (LOL)... Well, how can I not? Were so sisters, you know?

Anyway, after 5 years (5 because, she first took up Accountancy, then shifted to Nursing) of burning the midnight candle, finally, she is able to graduate. Actually, when I said she's burning the midnight candle, I was just exaggerating. I mean, just for it to seem normal. One thing I admire about my sister, is that she doesn't seem to be studying very hard, but still she is able to get really high grades. Studying and preparing for an exam for me would mean staying in my room and facing nothing else but books, notes, papers. But my Ate? Gee..., for her it means sitting in front of the TV, cuddling her books, and texting. She then studies during commercial breaks. She just seems to have really high I.Q. or something...

I remember before, when we were still young (I mean younger than this time), we used to fight often. And we were not just contented with oral arguments at that. We really did fist fights (LOL), slapping, kicking, name it... we did that before. We stopped fighting when we were already in high school. We, sort of, realized that we were more mature then. And we already had common interests, crushes, and friends. We were even in the same clubs and organizations before, and all the teachers and students knew that we are sisters. It was like, we were identified before as distinctive and matchless (laughs).

When we entered college, we even got along more. Although, we rarely see each other because of conflict in schedules, we still are real close with each other. Every time, we got the chance to meet, we find ourselves having a load of things to say to each other.

Okey, so Ate, you owe me one now because I made this post for you (kidding). Congratulations! You really deserve it. Continue soaring high. Luv yah!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


" pleaseeee....pinoy ka ba? E di idiot ka rin", goes a comment on the Q & A portion of one of the winners of BB. Pilipinas.

I was really very offended by this comment. I think the words are just harsh. I know the commentator is just expressing her disgust to the answer of the candidate, but saying a thing like that is just not right. She is no longer talking about the candidate, she is now talking about all Filipinos already. And she is saying that we are idiots... Can you believe that? Just because a Filipina wasn't able to answer the pageant's question, she thinks that all Filipinos are like that. How dare her say that! Now, that just shows that she is also an empty barrel. And she doesn't have the right to say ill things to us. I know, the candidate really messed up, that her answer even caused so much reactions from the people. And her winning the pageant even caused much more controversies. It was really a shame, but i think she already had enough ridicules. Guys, so much for that already. Let's just watch out for this girl. I know, she will appear in the Philippine comedy shows soon.... LOL....

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Greed and Avarice

There is a family of farmers,
Who owns a vast land of thousand acres;
Of money and wealth they are rich
Power and influence- no longer they beseech.

Gaining fortune is their way of life,
Between siblings there is a strife.
Love and concern no longer exist,
For they were replaced with avarice.

Penniless relatives they do not recognize,
The wealthy ones they despise;
Fortune and wealth they want on their own
The richest people, they want to be known.

Greedy, rapacious, these people are;
The others, they do not want to go far.
Contentment is never on their minds,
They take everything and leave others behind.

There is a family of farmers,
Who owns a vast land of thousand acres;
Selfish and greedy they may be,
But still they are so dear to me.

Monday, March 3, 2008

A Sadist or a Homosexual?

I guess this blog has gained a reputation already. Like, this can already be linked with the words sentiment, melancholy, or impetuosity. Well, anyway, I just can't help it to be emotional at times. And those are the times that I really feel the need to grab a pen and scribble on some words.

This is my first post this month. And, sorry to those who are expecting another "emo" story from me. I can't think of anything just yet. Maybe because I am still enraged by one of my profs. And I know that I am not alone in this ire. I saw how his other students reacted to his attitude... Some even cried, some cursed him, and the others just let out their anger to other things, like our chairs... (sigh) I don't know, but he just seems to be sooooo.... hard to please. He wants to receive a perfect output from us when, in fact, he did not even discuss a thing. I can even count the number of meetings we had using my fingers on one hand.

I understand that college professors need to be tough to their students. But I don't think being tough includes embarrassing the students in front of many people and telling them that they are dumb and good-for-nothing. And I guess, yelling and bawling out is already below the belt. To some students, he is an addition to their burdens. His subject is not the only one they are taking. They still have their major subjects to worry about. But some of his students don't take his misdemeanors seriously though. I even overheard one saying: "He is just a suppressed homosexual. Hey, why don't we help him out of his closet?" And we bursted out laughing.

Why does he keep on being soooo.... tough? Is he a sadist who finds pleasure in seeing his students suffer? Or is he really a suppressed homosexual who is pretending to be tough to cover up his soft side? Whichever it is.... I just hope for a miracle to help him realize what he really wants and for him to be aware of the misery he is causing his students.