Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Looking Back

I haven't updated this site lately.... Seems that I'm running out of topics to write about. Anywayz, I already resigned from my job, but unfortunately, I still can't leave immediately because I still have a lot of endorsements and instructions to make to my "successor" (sigh). Finally, I was able to gather enough courage to leave. I've been thinking about it for months, but I had a hard time deciding whether to pursue my resignation or not. But after some careful deliberations, I finally decided to leave.

I started at Holy Child right after I graduated from High School, it was April 16th of 2005. My first assignment was at the Out-patient Department (OPD). I can still remember how the administrator introduced me to the department head: "Lorie, this is Janisha. She will be assisting you here. She is bright. I'm sure you will not have any problems with her." (Ehemm...) I then felt my cheeks burning.... (gee, that's embarrassing)

At the OPD, I assisted the staff in taking the patients records and vital signs. I also help in processing insurance claims and got the opportunity to know a few people in the insurance industry. What got me usually pissed about that insurance thingy is that everything should have their approval first - from urinalysis to ultrasound, consultations to admissions, suturing to operations; and what makes it worse is that these approvals still take a lot of "chorvas" (chorva sounds like a gay lingo, but it's actually a Greek word meaning "a replacement for an unknown word"). I've learned so many things at the OPD. I came to know the ins and outs of hospital stuffs, and the protocols of insurances and HMO's. I also was able to meet different kinds of people, and learned how to deal with each of them. It really takes patience and fast thinking to be at the OPD. There were times when I had to really do some "chorvas" just for a certain procedure to be approved or convince a probing patient that she/he can no longer be accommodated.

After a year at the OPD, I got transferred to, this time, not only one department, but two. Imagine that? I got assigned to the Medicare and the Information sections. During Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, I report to the Medicare Section; and during the rest of the week, at the Information.

At the Medicare, I've learned to read the perplexing, unfathomable handwritings of doctors. I often got headaches reading patient's diagnosis and history. There, I help in the processing of Philhealth claims and encode patient's diagnosis. I also learned that every disease has a corresponding code (like, J18.9 for Pneumonia, N39.0 for Urinary Tract Infection). Coding diseases is the hardest work I've ever had. There are diseases that cannot be easily found in the book. There are also some that still requires me to read the patient's history, and that means going through the doctor's undecipherable scribblings (whoa, exhausting!).

The Information Section is the part of the hospital where all the gossips and controversies cannot go across. It seems that all the events inside (sometimes, even outside) the hospital are known at the Info. What makes my assignment here exciting is that I answer telephone calls and got to hear my voice boom around the hospital- you know, the paging stuffs.

Seems like I really have so much to miss. Nevertheless, I left for good. I know, I made the right decision. I may have learned a lot, but I know that I can never grow there. It's like I am confined only in the areas they assign to me. And that is not the life that I want. Now, I found the place where I know I will learn more and better things- things that I am really interested at. I know, it is still too early for me to say this, but I know, that I just made the best decision in my life, so far.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Digital Fortress

This is the first Dan Brown novel I've read, and I find it totally compelling, riveting, page turning, and all that. I have heard about his other novels, but unfortunately, I still haven't read them. I've been craving to get hold of that Angels and Demons and Da Vinci Code novels he also has written, but still I wasn't able to find them (sigh).

Digital Fortress really got me super excited. The events are unpredictable and full of twists. After reading the novel, I became interested in cryptography, and wondered whether there are schools in the Philippines offering courses for cryptographers wanna-be. Imagine, just by breaking computer codes, you will be able to save the country from terrorists and hackers who want to get into and destroy the system. But, what if there is an unbreakable code which got into the system? What will then happen to the crypto and to the code breaking computer that has helped solve NSA's problems? It would definitely result to chaos and jeopardy of national security.

I really admire the brilliance of the characters, especially Susan Fletcher and David Becker. The story alternates between Becker's chase for the code in Spain and Fletcher's efforts to figure out the secret to the unbreakable code. Other plotlines come in, such as a Japanese programmer Ensai Tankado who may have discovered the unbreakable code and his hatred for NSA, the disgruntled NSA employee Brad Hale who may have secrets of his own, the all-powerful NSA director, and an assassin hired by an unknown person who is on Becker's trail the entire novel.

Dealing with the complexities of their lives and careers have become ordinary to the National Security people, that they tend to overlook the small yet very important details. The plot is very suspenseful, that it could bring you to the edge of your seats, but in the end, you will find out that the answer to the question could be guessed even by a kindergarten. Although slow at the beginning Digital Fortress by Dan Brown quickly speeds up and is hard to put down. This book is very interesting and exciting and keeps you guessing about the unbreakable code and how it will be stopped. Anyone who enjoys mysteries and exciting books with many plot twists will agree that this book is amazing.

For more reviews and details about this book, you can visit Shelfari.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Greatest Fear

"Janisha, you are most afraid of not being good enough."

You're more concerned about how others perceive you than many people around you. You sometimes worry more than you should about doing things perfectly or feel afraid that others will mock you in some way.

Thus, says my Tickle Test. And yep..., that is exactly what I am most afraid of. I am afraid that what I am doing is not good enough for others. Whenever I do things I would often wonder what other people would think about it. I am always concerned about the effect of these things to others, and what their reactions would be. I super hate criticisms, though I am a very keen critic myself. I hate it when people do not appreciate my efforts and say ill things about me. I think, this is one thing that prevents me from taking chances, even though I know that what I'm thinking would likely to succeed. I am more concerned about how others perceive me or the things that I do. I am not exactly trying to always make the best impressions. But, as much as possible I want the people's notion of me to be good enough.

I always want my works to be almost perfect, and I want things to go as smoothly and perfectly as I want it to be. I don't want things to be flawed and inadequate. If things turn out like this, I would feel bad about myself and feel guilty about it. I believe that if things are not done almost perfectly, it is done by a loser. Yup..., I really think that way. I even often consider myself a loser at that. There can really be times when I feel I am worthless, but I know that this is just a product of worrying too much and thinking that I am not doing the right thing. Whoa! Anyhow, I am really trying to work this out. This is still me, myself, and I, nonetheless. (",)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stressed Out!!!

The deadline for my monthly report is almost up and I only have a few more days to finish it! I have so many things to learn for my new position in our yearbook staff, yet so little time to learn it! I need to resign from my current job, but I still have to go through a lot of things before leaving! Waaaahhh!!!! I'm so stressed out already! I feel like being torn between so many things. I haven't had enough sleep lately, and I'm still expecting things to get worse as the next semester is coming.

Can anybody help me out on this? This is hopeless.... (sigh) Here i go again... Anyway, I'm preparing myself for worse things than these. I know later on, I'll be able to handle my becoming stressful lifestyle... (sigh)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Friendship Chain

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I'm tagging Mommy Reese, Kate Ashley, Nyl, Uzziel, Peachy, Ponchong, Mommy Liza, Lae... Hope to see you on this board...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Goodbye to Singlehood

Hey everyone! Meet my best friend, Glory...It was her wedding last Thursday..., and I'm her maid of honor, of course. Finally, she has experienced the thing we usually talked and dreamed about when we were younger- you know, walking down the aisle with fresh flowers as bouquet and the groom waiting at the altar. When we were young, we always talked about finding our dream guy and what he would look like. And we always end up laughing and giggling as we wind up with crazy ideas for our weddings.

We've been best friends since we were still babies, and we have gone through so many things already. There were times when all the odds were against us, but still we stood strong, holding and supporting each other. Among the two of us, she is the one who's had a fair share of love affairs. And my role would always be the listener and adviser. She's had more than a dozen of relationships already (LOL) And everytime she finds another guy, she would always tell me that she has finally found the right one. "Jan, he's really different from the others. This is it Jan, he's the one!" she would always excitedly tell me. Her relationships would go on smoothly at first and I could see her happiness. But the bottom line of all those flings..., is her wailing and crying over it.

I know, she's happy now, with her true love and her incoming baby. I haven't seen her so happy before, and it's good seeing her becoming more responsible and mature. And I'm so glad to know that she really has plans for her family.

To Glory, say goodbye to singlehood now. You are already a missus... (LOL) I also would like to thank you for being my best friend and for setting as a "bad" example... (LOL) And for telling me never to follow your trail... (laughs) Anywayz, I know you're happy. Take good care of yourself and your family. Remember, I'm your bestfriend, and forever, I will be.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Chamber

Reading has been my passion ever since letters and words become decipherable to me. I usually read books about courtroom trials and those that include mysteries and unsolved cases. I really love guessing and anticipating upcoming events of the novel. Romance novels, on the other hand, are boring and senseless for me. They all have the same plots and endings. On mystery and courtroom trial books, one will really find the brilliance of the author. Those with unexpected endings are what I like the most.

When I was younger, I usually read The Hardy Boys' adventure novels and Nancy Drew's mysteries. Now, I already go for Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham, and David Baldacci's works. Right now, I am reading another one of John Grisham's books, The Chamber. Here is a book review I found at Shelfari.

"The decision to bomb the office of the radical Jew lawyer was reached with relative ease." So begins Grisham's legal leviathan The Chamber, a 676-page tome that scrutinizes the death penalty and all of its nuances--from racially motivated murder to the cruel and unusual effects of a malfunctioning gas chamber.

Adam Hall is a 26-year-old attorney, fresh out of law school and working at the best firm in Chicago. He might have been humming Timbuk 3's big hit, "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades," if it wasn't for his psychotic Southern grandfather, Sam Cayhall. Cayhall, a card-carrying member of the KKK, is on death row for killing two men. Knowing his uncle will surely die without his legal expertise, Hall comes to the rescue and puts his dazzling career at stake, while digging up a barnyard of skeletons from his family's past. Grisham fans expecting the typical action-packed plot should ready themselves for a slower pace, well-fleshed-out characters, and heavy doses of sentimentalism.

What I like about this book, is that, it shows the pros and cons on the death penalty issues. I am so glad that it is not really quite an issue here in the Philippines. I don't believe in that "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" logic of some people. For me, killing somebody for his past mistakes cannot do any good to him, to the government, nor to the aggrieved party. Killing criminals through the electric chair, gas chamber, or some other sorts is senseless. As a Christian, I believe that a man has no right of taking away the life of another human being. Only God has the right of giving and taking away His most precious gift to us.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Says it all...

What Your Bathroom Habits Say About You

You are very independent and self-centered. You don't solve other people's problems - and you don't expect them to solve yours.

Your look is put together, classic, and stylish. You always look fashionable without trying.

You are a little shy and easily embarrassed. You often wonder if you are normal.

In relationships, you are practical and realistic. You have a romantic side, but you only let it out when it's appropriate.

What Do Your Bathroom Habits Say About You?

You Are 62% Feminine, 38% Masculine

You are in touch with your feminine side.

Sensitive, intuitive, and caring are all words that describe you.

And you're just masculine enough to relate to both men and women.

Are You Masculine or Feminine?

Some things about that bathroom habits thingy are somewhat not very me.... But most of it.., well, pertains to my real qualities...

I'm glad I'm not very feminine. So, there is really a part of me that's masculine...

Summer's Fun, Surprises, and Farewells

It's summertime once again! I can already feel the need to to stay in the shower for an hour... (LOL) The scorching heat of Mr. Sun can no longer be bore... We have to give ourselves a little break, unwind, and cool off.

Anywayz, I already have started enjoying the summer heat. Just recently, the Editorial Staff of our yearbook, which I am a member of, decided to hold its annual Summer Yearbook Camp. It was held in a very nice place. I really enjoyed all the activities, especially the night swimming sessions we had. This year's camp is indeed full of fun, enjoyment, and surprises. Some surprises are really very surprising and unexpected (LOL)... What I mean is that, never did I expect that such a time would just pop out and caught all of us off-guard. It turned out that many of the staff would be bidding goodbye. It was so saddening to realize that after spending so many memorable moments together, there will come a time that we have to say our farewells.

Nevertheless, the camp was indeed successful. Though I sometimes heard mumbles and rambles about the food and other trivial stuffs, we were able to hold all the activities successfully. I've learned so many things though... I mean, I really have to learn all of them. As if I have a choice... (sigh)

Experience is indeed the best teacher. Out of all my "mishaps" and mistakes, I've learned a very important lesson. Never be afraid to risk and accept the consequences of your actions. Hmm..., I know this is still quite confusing, but I don't want to elaborate things yet. The time will just come when I am already ready to discuss some things. Right now, I'll still keep these to myself.