Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Swift Maroon Pink

Did you say that three of the world’s most talented, gorgeous, and loved music icons are having a show? Now, excuse me while I sell everything I own and get myself Taylor Swift Tickets and Pink Concert Tickets; and make sure I make it to the Maroon 5 ConcertI will never, for the life of me, miss this!

Monday, November 5, 2012

For all Things Pretty...

This blog has again become so quiet lately, and I apologize for being such an irresponsible blog owner (*sniffs). The reason I am actually not able to post anything here lately is this new fashion blog that my friend and I recently put up. I decided to make a separate fashion blog so I can classify each blog easily. I will still be updating this blog, but most of my posts will be for the topics that I am requested to write. So this other one is solely for fashion and style and for all things pretty. This one we are updating regularly, because we have big plans for this. 

I wish you, my dear readers, will visit my new blog, For all Things Pretty, follow it, and leave comments so I will know you've been there. 

This is for the moon, and smiles, and hellos, and rainbows, and pink, and laughters, and a newborn, and love, and kisses, and meadows, and flowers, and 'i dos', and nature - for these, and for all other things pretty...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Love and Dreams

I’ve been wanting to write about December 7, 2011 for so long already; but whenever I sit and start writing about it, my mind just wanders and can’t seem to put into words what I so wanted to express. Anyway, after quite many attempts, I will give it another shot. Here goes:

The first time I stepped foot on Davao’s famous Jack’s Ridge and saw its breathtaking overlooking view of Davao City, I already told myself that I’ll marry the person who proposes to me there. He has to pop the question right at the middle of the small canopy at the foot of the hilly park, where a dim spot light illuminates. It is such a romantic spot. The multi-colored lights of Davao City make such a magnificent view from above- a beauty that is beyond words.  From up there, I could see the vastness of the city and the towering buildings that become only a speck, an insignificant fragment in an enormous space. From up there, nothing matters – no gigantic, grandiose structures matter.

On December 7, 2011, somebody fulfilled my dream of being proposed to right at that very spot. It was not an ostentatious proposal with scattered flower petals and serenaded candle-lit dinners. It was unpretentious, warm, and heartfelt. When we and four of our closest friends went to Jack’s Ridge and reached the spot to take pictures, I kept on saying how I wished I would be proposed there, really intending to make him hear and give him an idea. I even said, “Di ba, Ma’am Beth, I told you this is the place, and, uh, this is the very spot!” I kept on saying that because I wanted to give him the idea, so when we come back next December, hopefully he would do it (ha-ha).

Never did I think that he would do it right there and then. He suddenly hugged me tight and kissed me, then asked one of our friends to take pictures of the both of us. He took my hand and led me to the center of the canopy where the spot light is. While we were posing for the picture, he slowly drew a package from his back pocket. The next thing I knew, a cute diamond ring is staring at me. I looked at him and he gave me the sheepish smile he always shows whenever he feels awkward and nervous. I just couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe he would do it… there… that time. And that is when I started to cry. He got down on one knee, asked me to marry him, and slipped the ring on my finger. I don’t know if I even had the chance to say ‘yes’. We just hugged and cried, while Ma’am Beth and the others were also in tears.
The very spot!
Jack's Ridge

Having Jheck in my life as a friend for 3 years and boyfriend for almost 4 years now is one of God’s greatest blessing to me. He may not be the perfect ‘knight in shining armor’, but he is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. We are the total opposites. He is the fun-loving, carefree type, while I am the prim and logical type. He does things on impulse, while I spend more time thinking and getting things in order first before doing the first move. But as they say, it is our differences that keep us together. We complement each other. He is good at things that I suck at, and vice versa.

I really thank the Lord for writing me this beautiful story – a perfect story with the perfect man to take the lead role – and I continue to pray that the next chapters of the story will be lived by us, this time, as a couple.  

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dear Disgusting DOM,

I will just let your dirty gestures earlier pass; but the next time you touch even a single strand of my hair or say those gross words ever again, I will forget who and what you are and give you a really good kick 'there', yep, right there.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Copy Cat

I have a cute copy cat,
In the biggest space she sat.
Trails, spies on me, yes, she does;
Stalks on me like a crazy, desperate ass.

I have a cute copy cat
She loves mirrors; her face is as flat.
She’s not my hater, no ma’am, no sir;

She’s a big fan of mine, a huge sucker.

Now, to my dear copy cat,
My “second rate trying hard copy cat”,
You may want to tone down a little,
The whole world is watching, you fickle!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Very soon...

Jheck and I had to be in two weddings that were barely a month apart. The first one was his sister's and the other one was his cousin's. Being a couple for quite a long time already, our families have long been bugging us to settle down. Well, honestly, settling down have been on top of our Priority List. The order in my list and Jheck's, however, are not exactly the same. In my list, our wedding goes after our house and my MBA. So, whichever I get first (the house or my MBA), the wedding will immediately follow.

We already have started planning for the details of that big day since last year. After his surprising wedding proposal last December, I got all jittery and wanted to try on every beautiful wedding gown that I see. It's when we sat down and talked earnestly about it that we decided to take things slowly and carefully. Since then, every wedding that he has to cover or we both have to attend in have become lessons that we have to study and learn from. 

So now, when we are asked when our big day is going to be, we both just answer, "Soon. Very soon."