Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Irony of Life

Someone: It just feels so awful knowing that the very person whom you consider to be the closest person in your life suddenly turns you down. The very person whom you consider to be the most important just look at you 'lowly'.

Me: Huh? Hmmn... does it have something to do with _ _ _?

Someone: Do you know the feeling when people ridicule you, and no one stands by you? No one defends you?

Me: Duh... That just goes to show... and why would you care anyway? Don't you know that more people appreciate and admire you than those who scoff at you?

Someone: (pouting) But I don't care about those people. What I only care about is how that person sees me and gives me even a little importance.

Me: (shaken, but struggled to keep calm) So, you mean... Ai... just never mind...

Do you know how bad it feels when that someone tells you, right in front of your face, that you are USELESS??? When that person yells at you, in front of your friends? It really hurts, you know... (tears started to roll down his cheeks again)

Me: Useless. Root word? Use. Don't you get it? haaaiii... never mind...

(another 20 minutes of silence)

Someone: Well, she is right, anyway. Just look at me. I just look so craggy and ....

Me: Ah ok... So it's insecurity. You're just like that. You've always been like that. And we whole-heartedly accepted you for being like that. If that somebody can't accept you, then....

Someone: To whom will I do everything for? I think I'm losing my focus now.

Me: For yourself at least. You can't let anybody love you if you can't even learn to love yourself. Well, it's your choice,anyway. Misery is your choice. Everything is your choice. If you choose to stay like that, then you will really stay like that. There are so many things you need to do. Just don't look at only one side. There are so many people who look up on you.

This is an excerpt from a conversation I had. Whew! So it's really like that, huh? I just feel bad knowing that he doesn't really care for us, the people who are always behind him and whose arms are always open wide for him. Well, again, it's his choice. Still, we chose to stay by him.

Well, this is life - so ironic. But, I just can't understand why some people keep on trying to fit themselves on the very little space their so-called "important person" gives them. When in fact, they have so many real friends whom they can truly trust, who can understand them more than any other people can, who are always willing to lend a hand, and most of all, accept them as they are.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Love Hurts Day

I really haven't thought that this moment will just come all of a sudden and catch us off guard. Can you believe it? The freakiest, craziest, and the most outrageous people that ever set foot on the surface of the earth, can also get veeerrryyy emotional. No, really..., kidding aside, I was like perturbed upon realizing that an "emotional outbreak" (*wink) is actually happening inside our office. The guys here who have been acting like a toughie have just shown their soft side and the girls have become "cry babies". Is this epidemic airborne or something, or does it have to do with the weather?

Hmmn..., when did all of these start? Who initiated this lunacy? Is it because of this "walking enigma" who cut her hair to lessen her burden, or this "nomad wandering through Nowhereland" who suddenly realized that he has to give up his greatest vice. Well, actually, we can also put the blame on this certain "virus" which some of the Pylonites have greatly enjoyed but eventually just flew away from their grasps, leaving them flabbergasted and dumbfounded. (Sigh) Hmmn... What is this virus called again? LOVE??? Yep, I think that is how it's called.

Anywayz..., even though this spate have affected us both mentally and emotionally, still it has done something good to us. The communication lines unexpectedly opened wider, making loose some of the most "sacred" stuffs we have been keeping after all this time. And we then realized that even through our lowest point, we have each other to hold and lean on.

To memorialize this earth-shattering event in the lives of the Pylonites, we are hereby declaring this day as the heartrending "Love Hurts Day"...


Saturday, November 1, 2008

One Spooky Halloween

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Happy Halloween!!!

WE welcomed the Halloween with some sorts of absurdities tonight. Well, what else can you expect from a bunch of Pylonites who are spending the holidays in the office?

We took a break from our yearbook tasks and decided to have a countdown for the Halloween in the open courts of our campus, also hoping to catch some spooky events around. We took crazy pictures of everyone and had so much fun. We then found out that we have additional company. It's not only us who had fun taking pictures... Geez..., isn't that spooky?