Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dear Disgusting DOM,

I will just let your dirty gestures earlier pass; but the next time you touch even a single strand of my hair or say those gross words ever again, I will forget who and what you are and give you a really good kick 'there', yep, right there.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Copy Cat

I have a cute copy cat,
In the biggest space she sat.
Trails, spies on me, yes, she does;
Stalks on me like a crazy, desperate ass.

I have a cute copy cat
She loves mirrors; her face is as flat.
She’s not my hater, no ma’am, no sir;

She’s a big fan of mine, a huge sucker.

Now, to my dear copy cat,
My “second rate trying hard copy cat”,
You may want to tone down a little,
The whole world is watching, you fickle!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Very soon...

Jheck and I had to be in two weddings that were barely a month apart. The first one was his sister's and the other one was his cousin's. Being a couple for quite a long time already, our families have long been bugging us to settle down. Well, honestly, settling down have been on top of our Priority List. The order in my list and Jheck's, however, are not exactly the same. In my list, our wedding goes after our house and my MBA. So, whichever I get first (the house or my MBA), the wedding will immediately follow.

We already have started planning for the details of that big day since last year. After his surprising wedding proposal last December, I got all jittery and wanted to try on every beautiful wedding gown that I see. It's when we sat down and talked earnestly about it that we decided to take things slowly and carefully. Since then, every wedding that he has to cover or we both have to attend in have become lessons that we have to study and learn from. 

So now, when we are asked when our big day is going to be, we both just answer, "Soon. Very soon."

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bohol Visit (The Serious Work Part)

Being a part of an organization that deals with agriculture-related researches and extension services is never an easy task for someone who earned a degree in Management. Nope, not easy. However, since my bosses seem to think I have been handed on super powers by some random galactic supernatural being, I just have to pull it off. Every task that I am asked to do for the organization is a really big challenge to me. Meetings, even, are way more challenging than I ever thought.

Anyway, one of the things that I am tasked just recently is to make a story about the science and technology interventions made on the farms of our chosen farmer-scientists in Bohol. I had to document the things that they did on their farms and try to come up with a modest article, brochures and other reading materials, and a techno-video. 

Despite this being on top of my usual obligations in the university, I still try to deliver the best output that I can. 

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of how my regular Agriculture and Applied Communications-related job goes:

I found it really impressive how the farmers know how to categorize the insects present in their fields.

Vermi-composting - every farmer should know this. 

This is one way to earn the charms needed for the farmers to fully cooperate. :)

The experience is really rewarding since I did not only get to travel and meet new people, I also was able to learn a lot. I am very impressed at how the two farmers answered all my questions. They exemplified how knowledgeable and skilled Boholano farmers are, and how well-performing their Agriculture Office people are. 

*The other side of the trip, the 'touristy' part, will be for another post. :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

How big is your heart?

That you seem to be very capable of loving so many all at once...

You know when you wake up to a song... When you wake up and a song is mysteriously stuck in your head, as if you were singing it the whole time you were asleep... Well, today, I woke up to a question - a question that keeps on bugging me, a question that I can't seem to take off my system.

"How big is your heart, that you seem to be very capable of loving so many all at once?"

Weird huh? But this got me thinking though...

I seem to love a whole bunch of people. I love them all to pieces that I sometimes get confused as to the extent of my affection to them. Do I love them all as much as I love Jheck? Do I love them as much as I love myself? Is it even possible to give so many people the same amount of love all at once?

Perhaps, it is because the more love you receive, the more love you can give. Since I am surrounded by a lot of people who love and value me, I can freely give more love in return.

I am reminded by a dialogue in a movie I watched recently.

"Is it possible to love two men at the same time?"

"Love, yes. Be in love, no."

So, I guess this is just normal. I guess I am just overwhelmed by all the love I get from the people around me.

How big is my heart?

Big enough, I'm sure.