Friday, August 13, 2010

Worth it All...

Ahead is unknown... it is an enigma that will only be unveiled through time and reason. Ahead lie the answers, the truth, the key to the mystery.

And I continued to walk... with persistence... seeking for the unknown.

I went on.
I know not what I was seeking.
I lied.
It was never unknown.
Forward, I moved...

“Fight for it!” “Back off, idiot!”
Two opposing forces
Tried to steal the sanity left on me.
I told the world I backed off.
I lied.
Went on... a faster stride.

I fought. I endured. I closed my eyes.
Everybody understands.
I lied.
I hear people talk behind.
I fought. I endured.
I reaped the glory.

I fought. I’m glad I did.
The prize I got
Is precious than jewels;
Enough to complete life,
More than worth the fight.

Time brought us back...
Never allowed the world to act;
But together we should be;
And together we will be
‘Til forever becomes a history.

Getting my hands dirty on poems again...!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Counting God's blessings....

God has been so good to me. I don't know why, but it scares me at times. I know I haven't been the most wonderful person in the world. I don't go to church, and I can't even remember the last time I was able to hear mass. I do things even if I know that it is against His teachings, and I know He is aware that there are times when I even doubt His existence. But despite all that, God continues to shower me with so much blessings.

When I graduated from high school, everything was uncertain, but He showed me the way. The day right after graduation, I was given the greatest opportunity in my life. Then, I knew, all my dreams will never be put to waste. Holy Child Hospital was then my 'knight in shining armor'. By being able to work there, I got the chance to continue with my schooling. It was a tough and challenging experience, but I never gave up. I continued counting God's blessings...

When the time came that I thought I will no longer be able to survive working at HCH and studying at the same time, God led me to another way. He gave me Pylon. God has been so wonderful in having given me the mindset of an older being. Who could have thought that a 17 - year old girl will be able to make big decisions for herself? I never gave up HCH yet until I am already sure of my luck at Pylon. And luck it is; I had been given the best 'break' in my life at Pylon, and I was able to hone my skills and continue college on my own perseverance. And then I knew, I will still be counting God's blessings...

After years of hard work, I finally earned my most coveted treasure - my college diploma. Passing the Stenographer Exam is not something that I planned. I just did what I was told to do, but God knew I will be needing it, and now I'm counting more of His blessings...

While sitting at a bench inside the church, I was asking for a sign if I should quit my tiring job. I didn't know what to do if I lost that job, but God had already been cooking something wonderful for me. He knew I will need a job to replace my first one, and He gave it to me right away. When my college dean called me and offered me a teaching position, I knew I will be counting some more of God's blessings.

When I was at the hospital to get certification of my medical condition, which I will use for resignation from my first job, I was clueless of what was about to come. The salary that I will get from teaching will never be enough for my needs and for my contribution to the family's budget. I need another source of income. I may have prayed loudly that time that God immediately heard me. Even before I got out from the hospital, I received a text from somebody who needs a part - time writer, and asked if I was available. I was awe - stricken. God answered me in a matter of minutes. He wants me to know He is always by my side, listening to my every prayers; and I continue counting His blessings.

More and more blessings keep pouring in. More jobs are opening for me. God has never really abandoned me. He knows I have gone through a lot already. He has given me the right people, who will never lead me to a different way. He continues to bless my family. He gave me a wonderful person, who loves me and supports my every endeavor. He gave me great friends. No matter how enigmatic the future may be, I will have God, and I know I will continue counting some more blessings.