Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Detour

I am supposed to make my article for the yearbook, but it seems that I am disturbed with something that I made a poem instead (haha) I just can't write when something is bothering me... ugh! The poem really shows what that something is.

I can't think of a good title yet, but I'll share it to you anyway.

Don't mind me when I rant,
It's just myself that I am dissatisfied of.

Don't console me when I cry,
That will just make me hate myself more.

Don't be happy for me when I laugh,
What you see is not an expression of how I truly feel.

Don't be deceived when I act,
I do things without thinking it over first.

Don't answer me with lies when I ask,
I've had enough that it seems normal.

Don't look at me when I look at you,
I'm afraid you'll see what my eyes show.

Don't help me out when I'm confused,
That enigma may be the one you caused.

Don't pull me up when I'm down,
I just know where I really belong.

Don't worry about me when I'm hurt,
I always am... I am already numb.

Ouch! That hurts... (sigh) Can't help it to be "emo" at times. Whoa! I really have to make my article now. Oh geessshhh.... ! Somebody H-E-L-P!!!


rocky choleric said...

Don't worry, even when all the people will run away from you, there is someone that will never leave your side- our Lord! :)

Paoper said...

Grab some Skittles. ;>

Unknown said...

let's celebrate! life is unfair.. hehehehe

Janjie said...

Tnx Senses... I know He's just there..

Go get 'em Xio...

Sure thing Lance..., let's toast for injustice and inequality... Haha...