Thursday, March 17, 2011

On Freedom and Manners

This is to exercise that freedom of speech they are talking about. Allow me to apologize ahead to those people who will be affected, in any way, by this article.

I was totally stunned upon seeing the headline of our university newspaper today. I totally understand that it is big news, and that it deserves a space in the paper. However, it could have been placed elsewhere, like the fourth page perhaps. Putting it in front of the paper in bold, big letters explicitly shows bad manners among those who are responsible for the publication of the said paper. Writing that kind of news and making it the headline story is such an insane, unscrupulous act. It is like announcing to the whole world how bad your own father is and slapping him straight on the face.

There is this so called freedom of the press, but there is also what they call manners. Without the support of the university president, the university publication would never exist. Without his approval, they will not be able to do anything and enjoy any benefits from the university. Without him, NORSU would never become what it is today. Without him, they will not be able to enjoy affordable, quality university education. Now, don’t you think he deserves even a little respect in return? Don’t you think he deserves to be supported and backed-up when he is the one in need?

Again, I believe that it is still big news and deserves a place in the paper, but they could have placed it elsewhere. I don’t have issues with the article. I just do not think the placement is right. ALL news, good or bad, deserve a place in the paper and be known by all NORSUnians. Loss of high-end equipment, especially more than one of them, is also news. Why is it not published then? Don’t they think NORSUnians deserve to know about that? Those lost equipment were acquired because of the payment made by the students. Don’t they have the right to know?

So, you see, the same question that I raised years ago still applies here. WHO WILL GUARD THE GUARDS? Freedom has its limitation, and manners should not be forgotten all the time.


JB said...

Bitaw? everyone is after that issue and we are not even given just a little info...and they really have the nerve to such "headline" thing not counting to the "forgiving" thing may be given to them.

Kath said...

Sometimes, PRESS FREEDOM with RESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM would lead to something awful. Indeed, you have the point when you said "Who Will Guard the Guards?" It's quite sad that sometimes, this "guard" are the one needed to be guarded. Let's just hope that they'll realize that they can also destruct reputation when they abuse their privileged.

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