Friday, November 9, 2007

Trust and Men

"Trust and men are two words that don't belong in a sentence together"
I was browsing this book in a bookstore when this sentence caught my attention. It was written in bold letters and nice font style that it immediately struck my eyes. Well, Ms. Deliberate as I am, I pondered on those words for a while. Actually, the author has the point. Trust is a word that can never be associated with men. Well, actually, I don't hate them or something. In fairness to them, I don't have any problems with most of their race.... a few, maybe. Call me a chauvinist and I don't care. I'm just trying to let out this crap that nobody has dared to slap out of me.
Will somebody be good enough to thwack this thing outta here???!!!! Will somebody make me bring to fruition the real state of affairs that I have to face????!!!! Maybe I'm just too scared to ask and admit some things to myself. I know, one of these days, this ambiguity that makes me falter and stagger will become apparent. I just hope that will be soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Oh really....!!!!?????

Anonymous said...

Actually, you can trust men but my guess is you simply do not know how to be in a relationship with them. "I don't blame you or anything", I mean given your age and limited understanding between a gender and a "race", it seems pretty obvious that you have a limited view on life.

As a man and as someone that can be trusted, I have found that women and men both suffer from the same confusion. Trust to men is equal to commitment - again, something that women have no understannd of yet slowly kills men when it is violated. (see statistics on male suicide vs. female).

As far as the "real state of affairs you have to face", you will come to know someday that you create the space you live in. It is not until you take responsibly for your half of the bargin that you will understand...again, that comes with time...