Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Dilemma

The Christmas season has just flewn like a whirlwind. It just came and went by. For me, it was the worst that I had, so far. The events during the season was distressing and disappointing to me. It was not like the other Christmases that I had which became very remarkable. Well, maybe it is, but in a very different, unexpecting way.
First and foremost, the bonus that we are usually expecting during this season has not yet arrived. Now, I have to really keep a tight budget to survive the rest of the month. My once exciting christmas shopping now turned into a very lonesome moment in my room. I just amused myself with reading books and worse...., talking to myself!
Secondly, I terribly miss my friends. I'm stuck with all my office works, while I keep on thinking about the fun we had during our Christmas party.
And lastly, and probably the worst..., there were really some people who keep on bugging me. Well, there were people that I really hate. I super do that their presence, even, infuriates me. And they still keep on existing.... Whoa...! I wish they'll be dumped into the right places.

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Aishtar said...

Hi. I'm bored right now so I was just checking out on some blogs. And I happen to find your "Christmas Dilemma" quite similar to mine. Errr. Somewhat similar.

Christmas this year for me was also like a normal day passing by. It never really occurred to me that much. Sure, I received gifts from people but everything felt like there was something missing. It was THE WORST Christmas I've ever experienced in my life. ='(

Oh. By the way, you have office work? I checked out your profile. Your 18. >.>

Well anyways, as for your Christmas Dilemma, just think of it this way. You might just be having a bad time and probably it would work out good someday. Also, you're not the only one having a lousy Christmas. *sigh*