Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Stupe on Her Gaffes

This is my first blog this year....!
Well..., I had a lot of fun during our New Year's Day celebration. I sang and danced to drive the evil spirits away. I just hope I succeeded on that. I guess, there are really a lot of them lurking within my body last year that they were able to make me do a lot of malevolent and nasty things. Now, I can hardly imagine what came into my wits that I had let them control my life.... (whoa..! Was that harsh?)
Ahm.., okey..., let me give you an idea of how stupid I had been. Well..., I have done the most horrible thing on earth! And..., not only did I do it once.... Can you believe it? I made the same mistake twice. Okey..., probably it isn't the most horrifying thing in the planet, but for me it was! I don't even want to think about it, because everytime I do, I feel mortified with myself. Now, I always ask myself what came into me that I let two perverts fool me... Whoa..., maybe I was just being a real stupe! Poor me... tsk.. tsk... tsk...
Anyways..., I will now pay no heed to all those silliness that I now regret. I consider those ERASED already. I will start the year right and forget about the mistakes that once ruled over my sanity. And those two perverts...? Hmmm...., let me think of what I'm going to do about them..., As for now, let me continue living my renewed life...

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