Friday, February 15, 2008


It was like a temporary lunacy. No matter how hard I tried to conceal my emotions, the pain is so tormenting that bearing it would be the most futile thing to do. But I endured the misery.

I tried to be numb and deadened,. but never did it work. How can I continue to avoid him when someone keeps us connected? How can I not feel his presence when I am aware of even his littlest minutia? How will I learn to hate him when he is all my heart yearns?

We could have straightened things out, but I decided to leave things as they were. I am never a risk-taker. I could no longer afford to lose someone I love. Enigma, yes it was. But I would rather live with my gazillions of "what ifs", than to discern the reality that could hurt me twice as much.



Anonymous said...

" How can I continue to avoid him when someone keeps us connected? "

--- ahmnnn...PYLON ni xa?...hehe ---

Anonymous said...

hi...nice story...can you write something different, except revenge?

Riza said...
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Riza said...

i just finished reading your story janisha and for me, it's evocative.. is this based on a true-to-life experience? hehe.. if this is, i tell you 'hindi ka nag-iisa'.. aw?
i already copied this one.. watch out for the next issue of handurawan and see this story published..:O