Friday, February 15, 2008


"He is such a nice guy. You know, I think you really have to meet him...." Just by looking at the sparkles of her eyes, I can easily tell that she is so much in-love. She has never been in such euphoria before. His name has become the most precious word to her, that even its utterance could send her to ecstasy. What has that guy done to deserve her?

Then the time has come for me to meet the mysterious guy she has been talking about. I don't know why, but something tells me to just run and flee before it's too late. Well, what should I be afraid of? That guy will see...., If he happens to be the type who plays around with women.... I swear, I will make sure he will forever regret having been on this side of the earth.

"He's here!" , came her exciting shrill.

Why am I feeling this way? Go.... Run... Hurry...! I should not be getting nervous. Why should I? Flee.... Escape... Hide... Quick...! I should be keeping my cool.... I am not supposed to g--....

"Sis, I'd like you to meet........" I can no longer hear the rest of the words. All I am aware of was that pair of dark gray eyes staring straight at me. No! This could not be... Why is he here? Am I just dreaming? No! He is supposed to be dead in my memory. Why does he keep on coming back? But this can't be just a mistake. I looked at him, and I can tell that he is just as shocked as me.

-to be continued-

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