Friday, June 12, 2009

The Pylonites Hymn

I composed this song once upon a time, and now, here it is... the official Pylonite hymn... (*wink) Errr..., I wrote the lyrics diay and Uzziel made the tune. The picture below is Leofhila's work (applauses for Leop... weeehhh!!!). A music video will be made soon. (Yehey!) We are really loving our environmental and 3D themes. Super loving it!

How pleasing it is to know
That I am here with you
The love and friendship that we share
Is nothing but beyond compare

The time seems to freeze
Our happiness just doesn’t cease
When we are all together
Nothing will ever matter

My wish is that we will never part
You will always be inside my heart
The memories that we made
Oh, it will never fade
How we are when we are together
The Pylonite joy doesn’t seem to waver
Our love for one another
Will truly make us remember

The laughter and the tears
We shared through these years
We will always remember
And in our hearts will linger

No software could ever alter
The color and brightness of our memoir
There’s more to yearbook-making, y’know
It’s the joy of being with you
(repeat chorus)

Keep the fire burning
Keep the Pylon spirit flaming
The Pylonite joy will always linger
The Pylonite love will be forever


Leofhila said...

Applauses?? I never like dz work(my work.. hihihi)... Look at the light source of every picture oh, its so different... ai basta, dili q nahan.. hihihi

maiba naman aq, good job wit d song janj... like it...

wala kai plano i apil ang k compose ni jake ang song janj?? ahaha... Break it down!! ahahahaha

Keep safe and God bless...

Janjie said...

ahahaha... nice man pod to iya song oi... Si Jake pah... The Master Rapper...?!

Aton japon tong hymn... Pero kakapoy biyag memorize ato... sugot ka mag rap tag dungan..? Like, 30 plus kabuok Pylonite, magdungan ug kanta ato iya rap? ahahahaha...

Patay! Gubot jud nah... ahahaha...

optimistic dora said...

WOW, nyc song jan! unzai tono anah? pdungga nya ko hah, hehe...

jHeT said...

..wen ang the making sa vid..?washishi.. ^_^