Monday, June 22, 2009

Ang Pagpangareer... (*wink)

Living my EIC/ (slash) all-around-housemaid role. Here being a photographer kuno... hehe...

Last weekend was so much fun. As our theme for this year's book is "the environment", we started taking pictures of things that would show the beauty of nature. Actually, I am not really fond of taking pictures, but when somebody introduced to me "macro photography", I got super interested on it. I found it very fun taking pictures of things that our own naked eyes cannot see. Through macro photography, I saw how a fly, a bug, a mosquito, and many other little things look like up close. I remember the first time I started macro photography, I no longer let the others take the cam from me (*wink).

Here are some of the pictures that I took last weekend...

Pangareer na jud ni... Ahaha...

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Pylonites Hymn

I composed this song once upon a time, and now, here it is... the official Pylonite hymn... (*wink) Errr..., I wrote the lyrics diay and Uzziel made the tune. The picture below is Leofhila's work (applauses for Leop... weeehhh!!!). A music video will be made soon. (Yehey!) We are really loving our environmental and 3D themes. Super loving it!

How pleasing it is to know
That I am here with you
The love and friendship that we share
Is nothing but beyond compare

The time seems to freeze
Our happiness just doesn’t cease
When we are all together
Nothing will ever matter

My wish is that we will never part
You will always be inside my heart
The memories that we made
Oh, it will never fade
How we are when we are together
The Pylonite joy doesn’t seem to waver
Our love for one another
Will truly make us remember

The laughter and the tears
We shared through these years
We will always remember
And in our hearts will linger

No software could ever alter
The color and brightness of our memoir
There’s more to yearbook-making, y’know
It’s the joy of being with you
(repeat chorus)

Keep the fire burning
Keep the Pylon spirit flaming
The Pylonite joy will always linger
The Pylonite love will be forever

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pahabol sa Summer '09

Summer 2009 is so far the best summer vacation I ever had because I was able to enjoy every little second of it. Luckily, vacation is extended as classes are suspended for reasons I still do not know. The last "laag" we had is for two purposes - to wave goodbye to summertime and to Budoyski's singlehood (nyaaaahhhh....). A-huh... Our very own Budoyski is already going to tie the knot on June 12, Independence Day. On why he chose that date is still a mystery to us (pagka Budoyski jud.... Independence Day gud na magpakasal gud!)

Anywayz, here are some pics of my memorable laags with the people I dearly love.

With Bea at the Mabinay Hanging Bridge

playing Monopoly in our house in Mabinay

food tripping sa hide out

etchuz sa Baybayon

etchuz japon

samot ka etchuz

two of the people I love the most

serious talk kuno sa pool side


Friday, June 5, 2009

Random Yawyaw...

Warning: This is one of those pointless posts that I make whenever I badly need to update this blog. LOL

Geez..., (*sad face) my last post received a zero "yawyaw" from my avid commentators. Hu-wwhhyyy...???

Finally, it's Friday and I'm stucked here with another pointless argument with the ever-pointless Dondon (*evil grin).

Recently, I discovered a song which immediately became my favorite, and of course, Leop's also... Jhet? Wanna make this your favorite also? LOL...

Anywayz, the VP called us for a meeting. I wonder what it could be about... This just means that we are now back to serious business (*sigh).

Two more days, and classes will start again. Whoa! Am I prepared? Am I? Am I? I got no choice but to be... (*another long sigh) Fortunately, I only have nine more subjects left. Weeeehhh...!!! I really hope I can graduate. No, I have to. I ought to. This semester, I can only take four subjects. Geez... Lots'a vacant time, lots'a working time, lots'a "laag" time. LOL...

I am actually very excited to work on our theme this year. Aside from yearbook stuffs, we are also planning to do many other things for the university. As most of the yearbook staff members this year are graduating, we want to leave something good to our Alma Mater (char..!)

Anywayz, my "laag" buddies are planning another pre-classes outing this weekend to prepare us for another stressful, mind-boggling months ahead. Weee...!

In the meantime, let me sing my new favorite song.... (LOL)

♫I told you so, ♪ oh I told you so♪
♪ I told you some ♫ day you come crawling back and asking ♫ me to take you in
♫I told you so, ♫ but you had to go ♪

LOL.... =)