Friday, February 3, 2012

This is me now!

It's Friday! Ah, last day of workweek!

Today's not a very busy day in the office, and so I have this spare time to update my blog. As I browse through my old posts, I notice this post (click the pink words to see the post) that I did years ago. Geez, I almost forgot how crappy I thought my life was back then. But now, my view towards life seems to have taken a 180 degree turn. Yep, now I'm all for positivity! And so, I am changing some of the entries of this post to show how my views have changed... how I love my life now.

I am : still outlandish, but I am happy and contented with what and how I am.

I think : I'm getting a promotion soon! (ahhahaha... the boss just approved it! woohoo! A new position for June 2012. *fingers crossed)

I know : I still have a lot to learn, but I will soon get there... in time.

I want : myself to be able to change (the bad) and improve (the good) the things that people around me are used to doing.

I have : done a lot of mistakes in the past, but the mistakes I did before have changed me and made me better today.

I wish : that all the dreams that Jheck and I have built will soon come to fruition.

I hate : negativity! Go lang ng go!

I miss : my gurls! We all have been busy with work, lately; but we'll see each other soon to discuss about my BIG DAY! :D

I fear : of losing the people that I love and worked hard for.

I hear : wedding bells! ahahaha....

I smell : the early morning dew... ah, life!

I crave : for crispy lechon skin! yum!

I search : for more learning.

I wonder : when I can start with jogging and badminton. I laze out just thinking about it.

I regret : not eating breakfast this morning. Now I'm ravenous!

I love : myself, my family, Jheck, my friends, my life.

I ache : for ♪♪you♪! Have ♫I told you I ♫ ache♪... (Ache by James Carrington) Char lang!

I was not : like this before. I was a worrier, a literal melancholic... But now I'm changed. Charut!

I am not : a talker. I just talk when I need to.

I cry : when I ache, when things frustrate me, when people leave

I believe
: that everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer.

I dance : when I feel like it.

I sing : during karaoke sessions... :D

I read : everything that I get my hands on.

I don't always : lie... But when I do, I'm damn good at it...

I fight : to survive... (wink) when I have to protect myself and the people I love...

I write : to express myself and pour out my emotions and sentiments...

I win : some and lose some... hehe

I lose : some and win some... waaahaha...

I never : want to see myself failing in things that I've worked hard for.

I always : thank God for everything that He has given me. I sometimes think I may have been Sister Theresa or Mahatma Gandhi in the past life to be given all these favors and everything that I have now.

I confuse : places and directions. That's why I need company when I go to a new place.

I listen : to everything and everyone. This is how I learn.

I can usually be found : in the office

I am scared : that one day all the favors that the heavens have given to me will be taken away.

I need : wonderful people in my life always

I am happy : that things are going really well for me...

I wake up : thinking how I can make the day productive.

I sleep : with a smile... thankful to God for all His blessings of the day.

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