Friday, July 20, 2012

3:35-freaking-AM and we're already at the airport! Only slept for 2 hours...Ma'am Eve had to wake me up three times before I finally budged, got up with eyes still close, slipped on the clothes I prepared the night before, and went back to bed to catch a few more zzzzs. It's only when the sound of our approaching vehicle  became audible that I started to unwillingly get up again, reached for my hair brush, and started making myself look a little decent. I dragged my bags, sleepily headed to the van, and got up again to the sound of a busy airport.

Despite all the crazy things that happened in the past two weeks, however, I am still thankful for the great many blessings that I received. I am very thankful that things are working on my favor, and that God has given me all the chances and opportunities to better myself.

Thank you, Lord! All these for your glory!

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Turtlet said...

Janji my dear, Just want to say thank you again. Send my regards to Arjey boy ;) I'm happy to see you again and the pylonites...;