Saturday, August 4, 2012

How big is your heart?

That you seem to be very capable of loving so many all at once...

You know when you wake up to a song... When you wake up and a song is mysteriously stuck in your head, as if you were singing it the whole time you were asleep... Well, today, I woke up to a question - a question that keeps on bugging me, a question that I can't seem to take off my system.

"How big is your heart, that you seem to be very capable of loving so many all at once?"

Weird huh? But this got me thinking though...

I seem to love a whole bunch of people. I love them all to pieces that I sometimes get confused as to the extent of my affection to them. Do I love them all as much as I love Jheck? Do I love them as much as I love myself? Is it even possible to give so many people the same amount of love all at once?

Perhaps, it is because the more love you receive, the more love you can give. Since I am surrounded by a lot of people who love and value me, I can freely give more love in return.

I am reminded by a dialogue in a movie I watched recently.

"Is it possible to love two men at the same time?"

"Love, yes. Be in love, no."

So, I guess this is just normal. I guess I am just overwhelmed by all the love I get from the people around me.

How big is my heart?

Big enough, I'm sure.


Greenikz Ü said...

You're so right ate Janj. It's pretty normal. You give love to a lot of people because you are loved by a lot of people too.

This is a great post of you, te Janj! I like it. :)

Janjie said...

Thank you, Nik.

You know during the IPR, there was a time that I just stared at all of you while you were goofing around and all looking foolish while playing, and asked myself how my life would have been had you all not been part of it. I just love all of you to pieces!

Conchaii said...

Te janj,I feel so emotional while reading this post. I don't know why but somehow I understand what you're trying to say. Thank you te for being such an ate to all of us. :) For understanding us despite of our flaws and for always giving us that chance to grow up. You do really have a big heart te Janj :) Iloveyou te!

Janjie said...

Thank you, Con! I love you!