Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Chibi Valentine

Here is what I got for Vday!


A chibi version of me and Argey. This was custom-made by, who else, the genius himself, ARGEY! He created a cute chibi of him holding a camera to illustrate his forte, and of me holding what looks like a piece of paper to show, well, I don't know... because I write with a laptop now. (*grin)

I am just so lucky to have a person as creative, as unique, as thoughtful, and as wonderful as Argey.

He documented his creation, and here are some pictures of Their Cuteness and their evolution:

Monday, February 6, 2012

Published! ♥

You may also click here for the link of the article.

This is such a big accomplishment and a very happy moment for me not to share and post here! I am so, so, so, soooo happy to see that my first ever Quick Info Dispatch (QID) for CVCIRRD is published.

As Applied Communications Coordinator, one of my tasks is to write QIDs for PCAARRD's web portal (Pardon the acronyms... You may look it up on Google). I was so sad (and embarrassed) when I attended a meeting with the other RACO Coordinators in the region, and found out that in the previous years, CVCIRRD was not able to submit or publish even one QID.

During the meeting, the QID editor also discussed why not all QIDs submitted to them are published. He emphasized how important it is to focus on research and development, instead of just writing a simple press release.

It was my first meeting with them, and during the entire time, I was at the edge of my seat. I was so nervous because they seem to be talking in a foreign language. I could not understand those technical terms and acronyms that to them seem to be just common words. However, this QID and my second one, which will be published anytime soon, will surely help me become more confident to represent Central Visayas during our next meetings.

Anyway, it's four months now since the time I was asked to take the post, and I am striving hard to make myself worthy of the monthly honorarium that I am receiving. So far, I think I am doing good, and I intend to do better in the future. The pending brochures that are supposed to be published 4 years ago, are now done and ready for printing. I also did a total revamp on the website, and works on getting it published before the month ends. And with this first QID published, I am now more inspired to write for the consortium.

Thank you, Dear God. This is such a wonderful blessing!

Friday, February 3, 2012

This is me now!

It's Friday! Ah, last day of workweek!

Today's not a very busy day in the office, and so I have this spare time to update my blog. As I browse through my old posts, I notice this post (click the pink words to see the post) that I did years ago. Geez, I almost forgot how crappy I thought my life was back then. But now, my view towards life seems to have taken a 180 degree turn. Yep, now I'm all for positivity! And so, I am changing some of the entries of this post to show how my views have changed... how I love my life now.

I am : still outlandish, but I am happy and contented with what and how I am.

I think : I'm getting a promotion soon! (ahhahaha... the boss just approved it! woohoo! A new position for June 2012. *fingers crossed)

I know : I still have a lot to learn, but I will soon get there... in time.

I want : myself to be able to change (the bad) and improve (the good) the things that people around me are used to doing.

I have : done a lot of mistakes in the past, but the mistakes I did before have changed me and made me better today.

I wish : that all the dreams that Jheck and I have built will soon come to fruition.

I hate : negativity! Go lang ng go!

I miss : my gurls! We all have been busy with work, lately; but we'll see each other soon to discuss about my BIG DAY! :D

I fear : of losing the people that I love and worked hard for.

I hear : wedding bells! ahahaha....

I smell : the early morning dew... ah, life!

I crave : for crispy lechon skin! yum!

I search : for more learning.

I wonder : when I can start with jogging and badminton. I laze out just thinking about it.

I regret : not eating breakfast this morning. Now I'm ravenous!

I love : myself, my family, Jheck, my friends, my life.

I ache : for ♪♪you♪! Have ♫I told you I ♫ ache♪... (Ache by James Carrington) Char lang!

I was not : like this before. I was a worrier, a literal melancholic... But now I'm changed. Charut!

I am not : a talker. I just talk when I need to.

I cry : when I ache, when things frustrate me, when people leave

I believe
: that everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer.

I dance : when I feel like it.

I sing : during karaoke sessions... :D

I read : everything that I get my hands on.

I don't always : lie... But when I do, I'm damn good at it...

I fight : to survive... (wink) when I have to protect myself and the people I love...

I write : to express myself and pour out my emotions and sentiments...

I win : some and lose some... hehe

I lose : some and win some... waaahaha...

I never : want to see myself failing in things that I've worked hard for.

I always : thank God for everything that He has given me. I sometimes think I may have been Sister Theresa or Mahatma Gandhi in the past life to be given all these favors and everything that I have now.

I confuse : places and directions. That's why I need company when I go to a new place.

I listen : to everything and everyone. This is how I learn.

I can usually be found : in the office

I am scared : that one day all the favors that the heavens have given to me will be taken away.

I need : wonderful people in my life always

I am happy : that things are going really well for me...

I wake up : thinking how I can make the day productive.

I sleep : with a smile... thankful to God for all His blessings of the day.