Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Very soon...

Jheck and I had to be in two weddings that were barely a month apart. The first one was his sister's and the other one was his cousin's. Being a couple for quite a long time already, our families have long been bugging us to settle down. Well, honestly, settling down have been on top of our Priority List. The order in my list and Jheck's, however, are not exactly the same. In my list, our wedding goes after our house and my MBA. So, whichever I get first (the house or my MBA), the wedding will immediately follow.

We already have started planning for the details of that big day since last year. After his surprising wedding proposal last December, I got all jittery and wanted to try on every beautiful wedding gown that I see. It's when we sat down and talked earnestly about it that we decided to take things slowly and carefully. Since then, every wedding that he has to cover or we both have to attend in have become lessons that we have to study and learn from. 

So now, when we are asked when our big day is going to be, we both just answer, "Soon. Very soon."

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