Wednesday, March 12, 2008


" pleaseeee....pinoy ka ba? E di idiot ka rin", goes a comment on the Q & A portion of one of the winners of BB. Pilipinas.

I was really very offended by this comment. I think the words are just harsh. I know the commentator is just expressing her disgust to the answer of the candidate, but saying a thing like that is just not right. She is no longer talking about the candidate, she is now talking about all Filipinos already. And she is saying that we are idiots... Can you believe that? Just because a Filipina wasn't able to answer the pageant's question, she thinks that all Filipinos are like that. How dare her say that! Now, that just shows that she is also an empty barrel. And she doesn't have the right to say ill things to us. I know, the candidate really messed up, that her answer even caused so much reactions from the people. And her winning the pageant even caused much more controversies. It was really a shame, but i think she already had enough ridicules. Guys, so much for that already. Let's just watch out for this girl. I know, she will appear in the Philippine comedy shows soon.... LOL....

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claire said...

it's true.. the bb pilipinas winner already received so much criticisms already the moment she was crowned.. hopefully, she'll prove us all wrong in the future.. let's give her a break :)