Monday, March 3, 2008

A Sadist or a Homosexual?

I guess this blog has gained a reputation already. Like, this can already be linked with the words sentiment, melancholy, or impetuosity. Well, anyway, I just can't help it to be emotional at times. And those are the times that I really feel the need to grab a pen and scribble on some words.

This is my first post this month. And, sorry to those who are expecting another "emo" story from me. I can't think of anything just yet. Maybe because I am still enraged by one of my profs. And I know that I am not alone in this ire. I saw how his other students reacted to his attitude... Some even cried, some cursed him, and the others just let out their anger to other things, like our chairs... (sigh) I don't know, but he just seems to be sooooo.... hard to please. He wants to receive a perfect output from us when, in fact, he did not even discuss a thing. I can even count the number of meetings we had using my fingers on one hand.

I understand that college professors need to be tough to their students. But I don't think being tough includes embarrassing the students in front of many people and telling them that they are dumb and good-for-nothing. And I guess, yelling and bawling out is already below the belt. To some students, he is an addition to their burdens. His subject is not the only one they are taking. They still have their major subjects to worry about. But some of his students don't take his misdemeanors seriously though. I even overheard one saying: "He is just a suppressed homosexual. Hey, why don't we help him out of his closet?" And we bursted out laughing.

Why does he keep on being soooo.... tough? Is he a sadist who finds pleasure in seeing his students suffer? Or is he really a suppressed homosexual who is pretending to be tough to cover up his soft side? Whichever it is.... I just hope for a miracle to help him realize what he really wants and for him to be aware of the misery he is causing his students.

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