Tuesday, October 14, 2008


“Anger is only a natural reaction; one of the mind's ways of reacting to things that it perceives to be wrong. While anger can sometimes lead people to do shocking things,it can also be an instinct to show people that something isn't right.”

I know I've been harsh on that last post I made. I know it affected some people and caused them pain. I know my limitations, and as far as I know, I haven't exceeded (if you may call it that) them. I know how others would react to it, and that is what I wanted. I know it would affect them, but through it they'll know that I'm serious and I want to get down to business now.

I've been keeping it all inside. And when I made that post, it's as if all the bitterness and rage that I've been keeping inside found a leak and took advantage. Maybe I haven't thought it much. If you only saw me when I made that post, maybe you'll understand. If the words I used caused you so much pain and humiliation, I'm sorry, but you know what anger can cause. At least now, we're even. Again, Im sorry. I don't get angry often, but when it reaches the edge already, I become a different person.

I'm not being self-righteous or something. As far as I know, I did everything and I haven't failed in any of our agreements (remind me if I have; I just can't remember). You can't blame me for acting like this. Right now, I just want you to bear with me. It's really not easy for me, considering that I'm dealing with everything here. And this is one of those problems that I should deal alone. It's quite ironic how I give you a hard time just to protect you from shame that would then be caused when the right persons (I hope you know who I mean by this) know it.

Nobody else knows how I feel right now, nobody else can understand this. And you know very well that I can't say stuffs directly to you, so forgive me if I do it this way. This may look like very immature, but you know that this is just my only outlet of pouring out my emotions. You understand me, don't you?

Whoa! So much for that! I know, this will just be settled sooner or later. I now believe in what they say that when something bad happens, there is always a good thing that comes next. And so here comes the good thing! Our new buddies are finally here. We're quite awestruck, you know (*wink).

see the difference?


Tey said...

I try not to keep my anger for a long time because this just makes me miserable. But for a few minutes to hours, I do feel as much anger as I can...Thanks for sharing my friend
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ev said...

anger is human nature...and so you're still normal to feel that way. but there is a time for healing..well i guess this it.

cheer up gurl!have a great weekend ahead!:)

by the way..i can't find your entrecard widget.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this post. kelangan ko ito para hindi ako laging nagmamaldita. hehe