Monday, December 8, 2008

Iloilo Escapade

Whew! Kaila mog hang over?

It was like I just survived from a tornado blast that lasted for a week! I was not able to really enjoy the week-long Founders Day. How could I when my mind is full of nothing else but the materials for the yearbook? How could I possibly enjoy the different activities that were arrayed for this grand event when I have a bunch of things to do, people to communicate with, and a whole lot more? And how could I possibly feel the excitement when I'm all disappointed and upset by some people with crazy ideas and decisions? Geez... That was indeed one hell of a week!

Anywayz, on the brighter side, we were finally able to submit the final materials for the printing of the yearbook. Yipppeee!!! We submitted everything right after the end of the Founders Day as we still need pictures from the Hugyawan Festival, the last activity.

Our four-day stay in Iloilo was indeed a blast. Though most of our time there was spent proofreading, checking and editing, we still had fun. We were brought to Iloilo's finest restaurants every night and we got to tour around the city. Thanks to Makinaugalingon Press' hospitality (*wink).

We thought that trip will end up also with a lot of fun. Unfortunately, when we were on our way home, we experienced the scariest ride in our lives ever. The weather wasn't really good that time that the ferry boat that we were riding on was struggling through the giant waves along the way. It was like a ferris wheel ride. Luckily, we were able to arrive in Bacolod safe and sound. We talked about that experience then, and we found ourselves laughing over the things that we did while we were still in the middle of the angry sea. Then I thought, what if that was really our end there? I still got a lot of unfinished business here on earth, you know. Then, I wouldn't be able to see the fruit of our labor- the printed yearbook; I wouldn't be able to give my staff my last instructions (*wink); I wouldn't be able to distribute my pasalubongs; and our names and pictures will then be in the yearbook with this bold letters on top: IN MEMORY OF... waaaahhh!!! Crazy thoughts, eh? I shivered by the very sound of it.

Thank goodness we are still alive and kicking. My only prayer that time is for the Lord to guide the boat safely to the port. And He did. God is really good to me, despite everything.

Anywayz, here are some of the pics during that very unforgettable experience we had in Iloilo:


I am Bong said...

wow! congrats, friend, and to the Pylon staff as well for finishing the yearbook!

cool pics :)

Senses said...

unsa nga ilonggo term ang nihabaw-an mo didto? he he he...

Leofhila said...

Thank God all of you went home safe and sound... ^_^

hmmm... I wasn't able to lay my hands sa mga PASALUBONGS... huhuhu... hihihi...

Janj... thanks for understanding and respecting my decision... I know i disappointed you pwo I really have to...

au2x janj... ^_^

jHeT said...

"and our names and pictures will then be in the yearbook with this bold letters on top: IN MEMORY OF..." really flashed in my mind and i gave a really good laugh..ahaha..

..good thing you guys went home everyone was telling how scary the trip was..and i couldn't imagine myself being there..ahehe..i'd probably sit still and quietly..nyah..

..and..dumdumdum..suyaa nako sa aq slippers ky maypa xa nakaadto na jd xa sa ilo-ilo..wahahaha..