Friday, January 2, 2009

My 2008 Top Hits

Another year has come to an end, and another one peeks in and is very ready to kick a start. And.., well, just to look back at the year that was, I am sharing to the world the songs that have become memorable (ehem) to me and have become part of my 2008.

10. Almost over you (Sheena Easton)
- Well, this one is an oldy. I came to "bump" into this song when my mom, who is an inborn singer herself (ahem,,) sang this one time. The lyrics and melody caught my ears, so I started to memorize it and sang it over and over again until... until it aches no more??? aw... hahaha... Everytime I sing this song, I can't help but think of that stupid moron who was given the rarest opportunity to be noticed by me and being given my extraordinary attention... (huwaaaattt!!) haha... Well, I got over him, thank goodness..

9. Ache (James Carrington)
- ♫ Have I told you I ache? ♫♪ Aw? haha... Nah, I like the song because I can feel the sincerity in it. It's not that I ache for somebody or something. haha... Well, I'd probably kill to have someone sing this song in front of me (on folded knees, of course).. haha...

8. Linger (Cranberries)
- ♪♫ Do you have to? Do you have to let it linger? ♫ hahaha... You don't have to, because it's ridiculous. aw? I memorized this song before, but now all I can sing is the chorus part. hmmn, Eisen introduced to me this song and it caught my ears, so I came to like it.

7. Kismet (Silent Sanctuary)
- It means destiny or a predetermined course of events. Again, it's the sincerity of the song that I like so much. And well, I am a "Perfect Melancholy" by character, so naturally, I love sad songs.

6. Rehab (Rihanna)
- "♫I guess that's what I guess for wishful thinking. Should've never let you enter my door♫..." I just like the song, that's all... haha...

5. Decode (Paramore)
- OMG! I just love the lyrics of this song. It's also the official sound track of Twilight, so it's extra extra cool. hehe,.. I'm dedicating this song to my ever beloved Edward Cullen... aw? harhar..

4. Love Bug (Jonas Brothers)
- Whou wouldn't love this song? I mean it's super cute, isn't it? It's like being back to our high school days, when the first love bug stings.

3. I Don't Need a Man (Pussycat Dolls)
- Sorry guys.. aw? haha... Oftentimes, I've been asked about my love life and all that. and everytime somebody asks me, I always answer with.. "Duh, next question, please?" or "Huh? Unsa na? (what is that?)". And that answer always causes a smirk or a curious stare from the one asking. hahaha... Seriously, I just don't have much to say about this portion of my life. Just don't ask me if I even had a real boyfriend or something, because that would just shorten our conversation. hahaha...

2. If I were a Boy (Beyonce)
- "Aw, girl diay ka, Jan?" My guy friends would often joke me with that question everytime I act like a "real" girl. Hanging out, eating, laughing, and working overnight with the male staff of Pylon is already an ordinary thing to me. That is why, I am often bugged, as "one of the boys". Well, if I were a boy, I'd probably be a REAL one. haha... it's up to you to consider that.

1. Miss Independent (Ne-yo)
- "♫She got her own thing, that's why I love her♫" Well, I think I got my own thing and I prefer being alone, doing my thing. aw? well, I am independent, that is. harhar...♥


Leofhila said...

Songs really soothes, calms, and relaxes us from the hustles of life... kaya hindi talaga mawawala ang kanta if may problema, broken hearted or happy rah ta...
remember ko yong time nah u know nah, hanap kau ni jhet ng mga songs para u know nah.. hihihihi...

teka muna, bakit bah aq nagtatagalog... hihihihi

jHeT said... react jd ko sa number 10...nyah...almost over "u know"? abi ky almost over nah tawgon gd di ug "stupid moron"??..ouch...ahehe..but sa tinuod lang, tinuod man jd..waz xa klaro..ehehe..f pwede lang i type dri tong gsulti niya..ehehe...

..curious??ahaha..ask me later nlang..ahaha..

..hmmm..leop, mga songs para ni??for ur stupid moron or amu??ahaha..

claire said...

nice choice of songs!