Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holy Week Escapades...

We started it with a Palm Sunday night swimming, then a Holy Monday beach reel, and then a Holy Wednesday and Maundy Thursday "house hibernation" and photography adventure. Had it not been because of financial constraints, we could have went directly to my hometown, Mabinay, to spend the Good Friday and Black Saturday there. And so, because, I ran out of "dada" (read: money), I decided to stay home and finish reading "The Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood."

Whatta week, indeed. Well, I was just enjoying the long holiday because I need to get back to work on Monday (sigh). I've composed quite a number of blogger stuffs (including a continuation of that "walking in the dark" post), but I wasn't able to bring my little journal with me. So, I will be posting those next time.

Here are some pictures from my Holy Week escapades (I wasn't able to get some from the Tanjay adventure):

Now, I'm conserving energy again for the Summer Workshops...:-(

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