Friday, August 17, 2012

Bohol Visit (The Serious Work Part)

Being a part of an organization that deals with agriculture-related researches and extension services is never an easy task for someone who earned a degree in Management. Nope, not easy. However, since my bosses seem to think I have been handed on super powers by some random galactic supernatural being, I just have to pull it off. Every task that I am asked to do for the organization is a really big challenge to me. Meetings, even, are way more challenging than I ever thought.

Anyway, one of the things that I am tasked just recently is to make a story about the science and technology interventions made on the farms of our chosen farmer-scientists in Bohol. I had to document the things that they did on their farms and try to come up with a modest article, brochures and other reading materials, and a techno-video. 

Despite this being on top of my usual obligations in the university, I still try to deliver the best output that I can. 

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of how my regular Agriculture and Applied Communications-related job goes:

I found it really impressive how the farmers know how to categorize the insects present in their fields.

Vermi-composting - every farmer should know this. 

This is one way to earn the charms needed for the farmers to fully cooperate. :)

The experience is really rewarding since I did not only get to travel and meet new people, I also was able to learn a lot. I am very impressed at how the two farmers answered all my questions. They exemplified how knowledgeable and skilled Boholano farmers are, and how well-performing their Agriculture Office people are. 

*The other side of the trip, the 'touristy' part, will be for another post. :)

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