Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another Brown's Brain-Teasers!

Weeeh...!!! I'm already halfway through another Dan Brown's novel. And again, it's awesome! The Da Vinci Code caused so many eyebrows to raise during its release. The Catholic Church reacted on the novel because they are afraid that the people's faith will be affected. The Hollywood even made a movie based on the novel, and the church tried to ban it. I remember my aunt warning me not to see the movie or even get hold of the novel. But that eventually just stirred up my curiosity. I've been wanting to read the intriguing novel, until my friend lent me a copy of it.

If Angels and Demons talks about Robert Langdon's adventures in breaking the mystery behind the enigmatic ambigrams, The Da Vinci Code tells about how Langdon solved the puzzling codes through anagrams.

An anagram (Greek anagramma 'letters written anew', passive participle of ana- 'again' + gramma 'letter') is a type of word play, the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters exactly once. In the novel a clue was hidden using the following words:

O Draconian Devil!
Oh, lame saint!

Which later on, the readers will find out, actually means:

Leonardo Da Vinci
The Mona Lisa

Amazing! Isn't it? Some other examples are the words dormitory=dirty room; astronomer=moon starer; teachers=cheaters.. (laughs)

Another interesting part of the novel is the unlocking of the codes behind Leonardo Da Vinci's famous masterpieces, like The Mona Lisa and Madonna of the Rocks. Da Vinci is indeed a brilliant person, and a homosexual at that. Yup, Da Vinci is actually a homosexual. Some of his famous works relate to the concept of the sacred feminine, including the Last Supper.

Anyways, I am yet about to discover so many other interesting things. I'm quite excited to finish this novel.


Mo said...

I thought Angels and Demons was an overall better novel than Da Vinci Code - looking forward to their take on the movie.

Here via Entrecard.

Gian Paolo said...

^I agree. The Da Vinci Code is just more controversial, but Angels and Demons is more thought-provoking.

Janjie said...

Well, everything that Dan Brown wrote is just superb. Tnx for the comments Mo and Gian...