Sunday, June 8, 2008

Show the world your looks, and be discovered!

Ever heard of an online beauty contest? Look of the Year is an online beauty contest for everybody who wants to join. If you think you've got the looks but don't have the guts to face a big crowd, here is your chance to get discovered and show your real beauty to the world. The winner will get 10,000 USD. But even if you will not win, it's still worth giving a try. Who knows, you might be discovered by international model agencies.

Look of the Year is looking for young, beautiful people who fall on the following categories:
Girls 14-19; Women 19+ ; Boys 14-19; Men 19+

Joining is so easy! Just register with at least one picture. Once it's approved, you just spread the URL of your Look of the Year picture/ profile around the internet and get votes to win. So, if you have the looks, show it to the world be discovered!

1 comment:

nyl said...

oistt!can i join in this contest? i wanna go to Paris!hehe