Monday, January 14, 2008


I always grumble on things (my friends can attest to that). I'm such a "fretter" and I think I am a very good one. When I don't like the food being served, or the way a thing is done, or the lesson being discussed; I fuss and never hesitate to complain. I often compare myself with others; and when I see that somebody have something that I don't have, my "green eyes" then start to function.

One day, my mother asked me to accompany her to her hometown, a semi-remote area in the neighboring island. It was a not very civilized town and people there still have to walk 3-4 kilometers just to reach the nearest school. I met there girls my age and they seem awed by the way I dress up or eat. It's also very saddening that only a few of them are able to go to school. The others are either married already or helping their parents in their farms. I also saw there little children carrying big gallons of water walking on the rocky, steep road. Those children should have been in school, learning things. Instead, they become laborers at a very young age.

Those very disheartening things that I witnessed really made me ponder. Why should I not be contented with what I have when some people don't even know that those things exist? Why should I complain about our lessons when those children there don't even have the chance to study? Well, I should not be grumbling on little things. I must instead be thankful because after all, I am a lot luckier.

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