Saturday, April 26, 2008

Digital Fortress

This is the first Dan Brown novel I've read, and I find it totally compelling, riveting, page turning, and all that. I have heard about his other novels, but unfortunately, I still haven't read them. I've been craving to get hold of that Angels and Demons and Da Vinci Code novels he also has written, but still I wasn't able to find them (sigh).

Digital Fortress really got me super excited. The events are unpredictable and full of twists. After reading the novel, I became interested in cryptography, and wondered whether there are schools in the Philippines offering courses for cryptographers wanna-be. Imagine, just by breaking computer codes, you will be able to save the country from terrorists and hackers who want to get into and destroy the system. But, what if there is an unbreakable code which got into the system? What will then happen to the crypto and to the code breaking computer that has helped solve NSA's problems? It would definitely result to chaos and jeopardy of national security.

I really admire the brilliance of the characters, especially Susan Fletcher and David Becker. The story alternates between Becker's chase for the code in Spain and Fletcher's efforts to figure out the secret to the unbreakable code. Other plotlines come in, such as a Japanese programmer Ensai Tankado who may have discovered the unbreakable code and his hatred for NSA, the disgruntled NSA employee Brad Hale who may have secrets of his own, the all-powerful NSA director, and an assassin hired by an unknown person who is on Becker's trail the entire novel.

Dealing with the complexities of their lives and careers have become ordinary to the National Security people, that they tend to overlook the small yet very important details. The plot is very suspenseful, that it could bring you to the edge of your seats, but in the end, you will find out that the answer to the question could be guessed even by a kindergarten. Although slow at the beginning Digital Fortress by Dan Brown quickly speeds up and is hard to put down. This book is very interesting and exciting and keeps you guessing about the unbreakable code and how it will be stopped. Anyone who enjoys mysteries and exciting books with many plot twists will agree that this book is amazing.

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