Sunday, April 6, 2008

Summer's Fun, Surprises, and Farewells

It's summertime once again! I can already feel the need to to stay in the shower for an hour... (LOL) The scorching heat of Mr. Sun can no longer be bore... We have to give ourselves a little break, unwind, and cool off.

Anywayz, I already have started enjoying the summer heat. Just recently, the Editorial Staff of our yearbook, which I am a member of, decided to hold its annual Summer Yearbook Camp. It was held in a very nice place. I really enjoyed all the activities, especially the night swimming sessions we had. This year's camp is indeed full of fun, enjoyment, and surprises. Some surprises are really very surprising and unexpected (LOL)... What I mean is that, never did I expect that such a time would just pop out and caught all of us off-guard. It turned out that many of the staff would be bidding goodbye. It was so saddening to realize that after spending so many memorable moments together, there will come a time that we have to say our farewells.

Nevertheless, the camp was indeed successful. Though I sometimes heard mumbles and rambles about the food and other trivial stuffs, we were able to hold all the activities successfully. I've learned so many things though... I mean, I really have to learn all of them. As if I have a choice... (sigh)

Experience is indeed the best teacher. Out of all my "mishaps" and mistakes, I've learned a very important lesson. Never be afraid to risk and accept the consequences of your actions. Hmm..., I know this is still quite confusing, but I don't want to elaborate things yet. The time will just come when I am already ready to discuss some things. Right now, I'll still keep these to myself.


undecided21 said...

AJA. Never doubt on your talents. It's God given! If I had made it, then, you too can make it! :)

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The Wifey Diaries said...

thanks for the visit! always be happy and in love with life!

claire said...

looks like you really had a lot of fun.. summer outings are great when shared with friends :)