Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stressed Out!!!

The deadline for my monthly report is almost up and I only have a few more days to finish it! I have so many things to learn for my new position in our yearbook staff, yet so little time to learn it! I need to resign from my current job, but I still have to go through a lot of things before leaving! Waaaahhh!!!! I'm so stressed out already! I feel like being torn between so many things. I haven't had enough sleep lately, and I'm still expecting things to get worse as the next semester is coming.

Can anybody help me out on this? This is hopeless.... (sigh) Here i go again... Anyway, I'm preparing myself for worse things than these. I know later on, I'll be able to handle my becoming stressful lifestyle... (sigh)


Undecided21 said...

aja! kaya mo yan janj! ikaw pa!

mnemosyne_twin said...

yup...just relax :-)

rakee said...

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