Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Absurd Perfidy

It was early morning on a Sunday when he called me- says he wanted to talk about something. He is always like that. He would just call me when he has problems with his girlfriend or another feud with his dad. He would text me when he needs someone to listen to his rants and rambles towards his family and girlfriend. He would fetch me in the house during the wee hours of the day and talk about his trifling issues. For ten years, I've served as his confidante, his listener, his adviser, his best friend.

We've spent our lives together. He has been a part of my family, and I to his. It was a short encounter in grade school that started our friendship. From then on, we became inseparable. We became very close that people around us began teasing and ragging us, but we were not bothered. We continued to become friends, and we swore not to keep any secrets from each other. We were both happy with each other's company, until I realized that I can no longer put up with our promise. He has been loyal to our friendship, but lately, I became doubtful of my own fidelity. Despite all these, I remained to be his best friend.

When we went to college, we realized that the world we used to live in will not be the world that we will be living in forever. We mingled with different people and met different friends, until it has become apparent that it is not always "us" forever. Still, we continued our friendship, though it is no longer the kind we used to have. We rarely see each other until I found out that he is already going out with somebody. I tried to hide my disappointment towards him and continued concentrating on my studies. I busied myself with a lot of things, and he continued with his life with other people. This went on for months, until the day he called me.

I am already expecting his rants and angry outbursts. Well what else would I be expecting? He only calls me to have someone to listen to his grumbles. But it's fine with me. I just consider it a "pay-off" for my infidelity. For I have become disloyal to our friendship and unfaithful to the promise we made. After all these years, I am keeping a secret that could either ruin or mend our friendship-I am in-love with my best friend.

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