Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thank you.. Farewell...

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

-- Dr. Seuss

For three years of working at Holy Child, I already have envisioned myself graduating and still being a part of my HCH family. As my previous posts could have divulged, I hated being there- hated being taken advantage of by the nuns, and loathed being disparaged (in any way) by some people. I often thought of making a "hate post" right after I step out of the vicinity of the hospital. I wanted to let go of this repugnance and abhorrence I've been keeping all these years. I wanted to curse everyone who have made my stay there miserable. I have outlined all the words in my mind, until something made me change my mind.

I tried to look at the bright side and thought of the advantages I gained. I then realized that my stay there had been fruitful after all. I wouldn't have learned so many things if it were not because of the people who have been my mentors there. I wouldn't have learned to read the undecipherable handwritings of doctors, the ICD codes of diseases, the paging stuffs at the info, the diets appropriate for certain illnesses, the processing of Philhealth and HMO claims, BP taking, and still a lot more. Furthermore, if it were not because of my being at HCH, I wouldn't have met the people who have influenced quite a great part of my life.

When I bid goodbye to everyone, I suddenly felt a lump on my throat, which is the last thing that I expected. Then I realized that I will surely miss so many things now that I am no longer a part of the family. I know I had my fair share of miseries while being with them, but there are also a lot of things that I am very thankful of them. The knowledge and learnings that I have acquired are incomparable. Surely, girls my age are not given the same chance that I got.

Now, whenever I think of all those things, I can't help but smile and be grateful because even if things did not go on as I expected, there are still tons more that I could be thankful about.

To my HCH family, thank you for being a great part of my life. 'Keep serving the humanity', as your mission goes. =)


Borski and Nai said...

holy child hospital in? :)

claire said...

when a door closes, God will open another.. so cheer up.. your former colleagues will surely miss you, but they will still be proud of you.. :)

Janj said...

@ Borski and Nai: It's in Dumaguete

@ Claire: Thanks a lot for that... Actually, God has already opened another door. And I'm indeed very grateful for that. He never really leaves me hanging... God is good all the time...