Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Innovation and Creativity that Matter..."

"Don't be just job-seekers, be job-creators!" This is Sir Jo's most famous line... Sir Jo, a licensed engineer, proficient teacher, and a certified entrepreneur, always encourages us through this dogma. And, indeed, he succeeded on that.

Four Pylonites have already ventured into their own enterprise, using their skills and ingenuity in photography and multimedia as their main capital. Endowed with incomparable adeptness in scores of computer applications and creativity in capturing precious moments and wonderful things, these four brilliant Pylonites created ARCKE Multimedia Solutions and Services.

ARCKE is actually the acronym of the names of the founders. Here they are:

Opppzzz, nope! They are not into escort service... (laughs) They are just showing how petty and crazy they are... (haha) Nevertheless, you are actually looking at the most talented and skilled artist-entrepreneurs (ehem..)

ARCKE Multimedia Solutions and Services offers tons of services- from lay-outing to webpage designing, photography to video coverage, and still a lot more.... Indeed, innovation and creativity that matter....

Anywayz, the reason I mentioned ARCKE, is that I want to post our pictures taken at their studio..(haha)


nyl said...

Hi janj!i just arrived from a summer trip...ahh, i miss this.

great pics you have here!keep smiling!!

Anonymous said...

hi janj.;o) iv added your link na. add mine too. hehe.

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thanks. hehe


Anonymous said...

Your site has now been approved for exchange links program. hehe.

Visit to see for yourself. ;o)

Take care..

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