Friday, January 2, 2009

My 2008: Looking Back

Whew! 2008 is finally over and 2009 is already in. Geez... parang kailan lang..

My 2008 has been like a roller coaster ride. So many things have happened, that I sometimes wonder if my life story can pass for Maalaala Mo Kaya or something (hahaha). Well, here is a sort of a recap of the significant events of my 2008:,

It was when I was formally accepted as an official staff writer of the Pylon (the yearbook of our university where I am a staff of), after being an affiliate for a semester and a half. So, I then have to face three responsibilities- Holy Child (where I also work as a clerical aide), Pylon, and my studies. It was so hard at first to cope up with my schedule, but later on, I just got over it.

February -
Nothing much of significance happened this month, except that it's Valentine's Day, and I was dateless... hehe

March -
I was chosen to be the next Editor-in-Chief. Yep, and until now, I still haven't figured out what has gotten into the minds of the previous EIC and our adviser to choose me as the next Editor-in-Chief/Mama/All-around-slave, when in fact, I am just a novice in this field. It was also on this month when I got frustrated with one of my grades. I got a grade lower than the mark required to be a dean's lister. All in all, this was a very sad month for me.., (*wink)

My first Yearbook Camp as an editor-in-chief. The camp was super fun, yet there are instances when we all got very emotional..., me especially (*wink). Our adviser formally said goodbye, since he would be concentrating on his business and he was also planning to go abroad (he's already there now). It was also during the camp when my first leadership skill was tested. Well, I am never a toughie, so I always end up crying. I was then soooo afraid that I can't handle the position given to me.

May -
I finally decided to leave Holy Child Hospital (where I've worked for two years) and concentrate on my responsibilities for Pylon. I found it necessary to leave, for my new responsibility is very demanding. It was like being freed from a cage and entering prison (aw? hehe). Well, honestly, I wasn't very happy being in HCH, that I chose Pylon instead. So, that's it. I then had a more comfortable schedule because I gave up my job.

June -
The start of my new school life. I found my new schedule better than before because I no longer have to go outside the campus to have my duty (at HCH). However, it was still hard for me because this marks the first semester of my headship at Pylon. This is when we also decided to give our office a whole new look, make it more feminine, and all that. hehe...

July -
The results of the Nurses' Licensure Examination finally came out, and Ate passed. Finally, we have a nurse in the family! hehe

August -
The grueling tasks for the yearbook has officially begun. Since then, I no more had time at home (making it my bathroom already), and I sleep regularly at school. Sleeping that time meant dozing off for 2-3 hours, or if we get lucky and finish things early, we can sleep for five hours. And then, we had to wake up at 6:30 a.m. to clean the office and fix ourselves for our morning classes.

September -
Still struggling on my new position, and this time things had gotten worse. I kept on ranting, crying, and still trying to make things right. Anyway, I got over those times.

October -
Whew! Buglasan fever! First Pylon IPR! haha... Seems like October was such a busy month. The IPR was a blast! It was sooo fun... And we just can't have enough of the Buglasan Festival. hehe... However, this month is sooo memorable, because it was during this month that I was enraged and very furious of so many things. I don't wanna elaborate on this anymore, so just click HERE if you're curious enough.

We made the halloween "spooky" by taking spooky pictures of ourselves... hehe... We took a break from our tasks and did a "Halloween Countdown", as if it's really something to celebrate... hehe... And, of course, who would forget the heartrending 4th of November, the earth-shattering day of the lives of the Pylonites (*wink)... The Love Hurts Day! haha...

December -
The Founders Day Celebration of NORSU was a blast! Different activities were prepared for the students. Fortunately, I got to enjoy a little of the festivities, even though my hectic schedule was killing me. Right after the Founders Day, we submitted all the materials for the printing of the yearbook to the printing press in Iloilo City. We did the proofreading there and got a chance to tour around the city. It was super fun, but then when we were on our way home, we were caught up in a gust of wind and giant waves, that we thought we won't be able to make it to the port. Thankfully, we survived. It's Christmastime once again. The Pylonites celebrated the Christmas and escaped from adulthood, as we partied as kids- complete with childish get ups and all that. hahaha... Well, that was one happy Christmas we had together, and we parted with best wishes for everyone.


Leofhila said...

ammm.. just curious janj ha... the "u know" with "you know who" happened sa yr 2008???

nagtatanong lang... hikhikhik

Senses said...

what a 2008... ^_^

2009 na!


I am Bong said...

Tough year jud tinuod friend. Hehe.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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