Monday, January 19, 2009

Why, Why, Math?!

I'm hopeless....! Really...! Why do numbers hate me? (*sniffs)

Can't really write much today. I'm super frustrated over that horrible score I got...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Types of College Students (as classified by me)

I was all sleepy and tired when I went to my Business Law class yesterday. I was really not planning to attend until my classmate texted me and told me that we will have a quiz. Actually, yesterday was just my third time to attend this class since the beginning of the second semester last October (*wink). Well, who would want to attend a class that's so boring it could cause you all your strength to even lift a pen. Who would want to always see a professor who is like a human sleeping pill himself? And who would want to always listen to your prof's monotone and scratchy voice? Yup, my class is all that!

Anyway, I went to that class really unprepared. I don't even have a copy of the lessons that we have taken up. I sat in my usual seat at the back part of the room (I chose this seat because I usually do multiple tasks at the same time-- reading a book, writing articles, texting, and pretending to listen to the professor, all at once). And so the test started and I just found myself staring at the board, having no idea at all of what he was talking about. I stayed like that for minutes until my seatmate whispered something to me. I glanced at his direction and he shoved his paper to me. What the??? He had his paper full of answers already! For just a very short time? Then I realized that my seatmate already got his answer sheet even before entering the class. Whew! Amazing, aigh't?

My good and evil sides were fighting then. Will I cheat or will I just be ready to accept an F? Whoa! But I just did what any typical college stude will do in that situation. I accepted the paper and immediately copied from it. I then found out that half of the students in that class already have answer sheets even before taking that quiz (just like my seatmate) and the other half are either copying from those ready-made answer sheets (like myself) or copying directly from their notes (like the girl across from me). (*sigh) Then I realized, there are really different kinds of students. I classified them like this:

1. The geniuses - they are the natural-born brilliant minds. They are the good ones in the class, and in situations like that, they are most likely to get the answers without doing anything nasty.

2. The radars - they are the friendly students who know almost everyone in the earlier classes. They are the ones who usually get the questions and answers from their friends from the previous classes. As a result, they already know the questions and answers even before anyone in their class does and even before the professor starts the exam.

3. The cheaters - they are the in-born tricksters. They either leak examination papers or hide notes in their pockets, cellphones, or body parts (depending on how strict the professor is). They know all sorts of cheating strategies and are experts in using them appropriately.

4. The parasites
- they are the natural-born leeches who rely on what the other students got. They usually make friends with either of the first three classes. But, usually, they befriend all of them so that they can sit beside the ones whose strategy is the safest to use.

Hmmn, I think I became a parasite in that situation (*laughs). But, I am very versatile, you know. I can be either of them, depending on the need. har har... =D

Whew! It's Christmas time once again! And I am now officially opening my line for gifts-- (cash or in-kind is accepted). haha...

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Five Little Details I Notice About Men

My friends often tell me that I am a person of such mordant wit. Well, what can I do? I think I was born with an incisive and trenchant personality, and people who are close to me can attest to that (who else can? They are always my victim. haha...) Actually, I only notice those things which stirs up my interest, and I am very vocal about them.

I had a little chit-chat with a friend this morning and we were discussing about this new guy she keeps on eyeing for the past days. Well, he really isn't that bad looking, but, he's just not somebody who can have me spun around for another glance. Hmmn..., well, for one, he isn't gifted with the height and built that I have set as the standard for boys. I told this to my friend, and as usual it caused some pout on the lips and a glare that's as fierce as my Bio teacher's. Well, what can I do? I'm just being honest (haha)

When it comes to boys, I look for a lot of details. Aside from the over-all personality (wit, attitude, etc.. etc..), girls usually notice little things that we don't usually point out to guys. Here is my top 5:

5.) Voice - Quality of voice is really a plus factor to me. I like it when a guy talks in a DJ-like voice (*wink), making even the dullest phrase sound so sweet. Also, a well-modulated voice can make someone sound witty.

4.) Toes - I like men who takes care of his toes and feet. For me, it shows cleanliness and hygiene. I like it when a guy wears slippers, revealing his neat toes. =)

3.) Hair - Hmmn..., I really love guys with fragrant, clean cut hair. I don't usually go for a specific style, as long as it makes a guy look neat and cute.

Hands - For me, it's really a must for a guy to have clean, neatly trimmed fingernails and well-taken care hands. I also notice the way he holds his cellphone and he types on the keyboard. I don't like super mushy hands though, because it would look gayish already.

Scent - Whoa! Believe it or not, this is the last thing that I forget about a person. Gone are the words, gone are the moments , but the scent of a person really lingers. I miss a person because I miss his scent. Yep, that's how weird I am.

Well, these are but trivial, petty details only. What matters most though is the way a person behaves and talks. It's still the personality and character that counts. And, oh well, the looks also is a plus (haha).

Anywayz, I already started reading the most-talked-about book, Twilight. Yep, it's official, I am now a certified Twilighter (LOL). I think I am already in love with Edward, you know. I really haven't thought that I would fall in love with a vampire (geeessshhh). Well, if vampires are real and they really exist, and they are as handsome, brilliant, sweet, and kind as Edward, I'd rather have them than normal human beings (hahaha)

Ciao! Have a nice weekend, folks!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

My 2008: Looking Back

Whew! 2008 is finally over and 2009 is already in. Geez... parang kailan lang..

My 2008 has been like a roller coaster ride. So many things have happened, that I sometimes wonder if my life story can pass for Maalaala Mo Kaya or something (hahaha). Well, here is a sort of a recap of the significant events of my 2008:,

It was when I was formally accepted as an official staff writer of the Pylon (the yearbook of our university where I am a staff of), after being an affiliate for a semester and a half. So, I then have to face three responsibilities- Holy Child (where I also work as a clerical aide), Pylon, and my studies. It was so hard at first to cope up with my schedule, but later on, I just got over it.

February -
Nothing much of significance happened this month, except that it's Valentine's Day, and I was dateless... hehe

March -
I was chosen to be the next Editor-in-Chief. Yep, and until now, I still haven't figured out what has gotten into the minds of the previous EIC and our adviser to choose me as the next Editor-in-Chief/Mama/All-around-slave, when in fact, I am just a novice in this field. It was also on this month when I got frustrated with one of my grades. I got a grade lower than the mark required to be a dean's lister. All in all, this was a very sad month for me.., (*wink)

My first Yearbook Camp as an editor-in-chief. The camp was super fun, yet there are instances when we all got very emotional..., me especially (*wink). Our adviser formally said goodbye, since he would be concentrating on his business and he was also planning to go abroad (he's already there now). It was also during the camp when my first leadership skill was tested. Well, I am never a toughie, so I always end up crying. I was then soooo afraid that I can't handle the position given to me.

May -
I finally decided to leave Holy Child Hospital (where I've worked for two years) and concentrate on my responsibilities for Pylon. I found it necessary to leave, for my new responsibility is very demanding. It was like being freed from a cage and entering prison (aw? hehe). Well, honestly, I wasn't very happy being in HCH, that I chose Pylon instead. So, that's it. I then had a more comfortable schedule because I gave up my job.

June -
The start of my new school life. I found my new schedule better than before because I no longer have to go outside the campus to have my duty (at HCH). However, it was still hard for me because this marks the first semester of my headship at Pylon. This is when we also decided to give our office a whole new look, make it more feminine, and all that. hehe...

July -
The results of the Nurses' Licensure Examination finally came out, and Ate passed. Finally, we have a nurse in the family! hehe

August -
The grueling tasks for the yearbook has officially begun. Since then, I no more had time at home (making it my bathroom already), and I sleep regularly at school. Sleeping that time meant dozing off for 2-3 hours, or if we get lucky and finish things early, we can sleep for five hours. And then, we had to wake up at 6:30 a.m. to clean the office and fix ourselves for our morning classes.

September -
Still struggling on my new position, and this time things had gotten worse. I kept on ranting, crying, and still trying to make things right. Anyway, I got over those times.

October -
Whew! Buglasan fever! First Pylon IPR! haha... Seems like October was such a busy month. The IPR was a blast! It was sooo fun... And we just can't have enough of the Buglasan Festival. hehe... However, this month is sooo memorable, because it was during this month that I was enraged and very furious of so many things. I don't wanna elaborate on this anymore, so just click HERE if you're curious enough.

We made the halloween "spooky" by taking spooky pictures of ourselves... hehe... We took a break from our tasks and did a "Halloween Countdown", as if it's really something to celebrate... hehe... And, of course, who would forget the heartrending 4th of November, the earth-shattering day of the lives of the Pylonites (*wink)... The Love Hurts Day! haha...

December -
The Founders Day Celebration of NORSU was a blast! Different activities were prepared for the students. Fortunately, I got to enjoy a little of the festivities, even though my hectic schedule was killing me. Right after the Founders Day, we submitted all the materials for the printing of the yearbook to the printing press in Iloilo City. We did the proofreading there and got a chance to tour around the city. It was super fun, but then when we were on our way home, we were caught up in a gust of wind and giant waves, that we thought we won't be able to make it to the port. Thankfully, we survived. It's Christmastime once again. The Pylonites celebrated the Christmas and escaped from adulthood, as we partied as kids- complete with childish get ups and all that. hahaha... Well, that was one happy Christmas we had together, and we parted with best wishes for everyone.

My 2008 Top Hits

Another year has come to an end, and another one peeks in and is very ready to kick a start. And.., well, just to look back at the year that was, I am sharing to the world the songs that have become memorable (ehem) to me and have become part of my 2008.

10. Almost over you (Sheena Easton)
- Well, this one is an oldy. I came to "bump" into this song when my mom, who is an inborn singer herself (ahem,,) sang this one time. The lyrics and melody caught my ears, so I started to memorize it and sang it over and over again until... until it aches no more??? aw... hahaha... Everytime I sing this song, I can't help but think of that stupid moron who was given the rarest opportunity to be noticed by me and being given my extraordinary attention... (huwaaaattt!!) haha... Well, I got over him, thank goodness..

9. Ache (James Carrington)
- ♫ Have I told you I ache? ♫♪ Aw? haha... Nah, I like the song because I can feel the sincerity in it. It's not that I ache for somebody or something. haha... Well, I'd probably kill to have someone sing this song in front of me (on folded knees, of course).. haha...

8. Linger (Cranberries)
- ♪♫ Do you have to? Do you have to let it linger? ♫ hahaha... You don't have to, because it's ridiculous. aw? I memorized this song before, but now all I can sing is the chorus part. hmmn, Eisen introduced to me this song and it caught my ears, so I came to like it.

7. Kismet (Silent Sanctuary)
- It means destiny or a predetermined course of events. Again, it's the sincerity of the song that I like so much. And well, I am a "Perfect Melancholy" by character, so naturally, I love sad songs.

6. Rehab (Rihanna)
- "♫I guess that's what I guess for wishful thinking. Should've never let you enter my door♫..." I just like the song, that's all... haha...

5. Decode (Paramore)
- OMG! I just love the lyrics of this song. It's also the official sound track of Twilight, so it's extra extra cool. hehe,.. I'm dedicating this song to my ever beloved Edward Cullen... aw? harhar..

4. Love Bug (Jonas Brothers)
- Whou wouldn't love this song? I mean it's super cute, isn't it? It's like being back to our high school days, when the first love bug stings.

3. I Don't Need a Man (Pussycat Dolls)
- Sorry guys.. aw? haha... Oftentimes, I've been asked about my love life and all that. and everytime somebody asks me, I always answer with.. "Duh, next question, please?" or "Huh? Unsa na? (what is that?)". And that answer always causes a smirk or a curious stare from the one asking. hahaha... Seriously, I just don't have much to say about this portion of my life. Just don't ask me if I even had a real boyfriend or something, because that would just shorten our conversation. hahaha...

2. If I were a Boy (Beyonce)
- "Aw, girl diay ka, Jan?" My guy friends would often joke me with that question everytime I act like a "real" girl. Hanging out, eating, laughing, and working overnight with the male staff of Pylon is already an ordinary thing to me. That is why, I am often bugged, as "one of the boys". Well, if I were a boy, I'd probably be a REAL one. haha... it's up to you to consider that.

1. Miss Independent (Ne-yo)
- "♫She got her own thing, that's why I love her♫" Well, I think I got my own thing and I prefer being alone, doing my thing. aw? well, I am independent, that is. harhar...♥